Countdown Jewels: Four, Three, Two, One-Finger Rings

CATEGORIES:Jewelry & Watches

Countdown Jewels

It’s interesting – if you were to wear four rings on one hand, it would probably look like overkill. But Maison Martin Margiela’s rose-tone four-finger ring ? Perfectly chic. The bar extends over your hand with such a clean and polished design that it actually seems understated (and with only one actual finger band, you won’t feel constricted). For something with more pizzazz, check out Anne Valerie Hash’s three-finger bauble . The recycled silver piece starts off with a normal-sized loop and grows larger and more angular with each additional ring. Scaling down to a two-finger, we come back to MMM. Thiswide-banded ring  is certainly less obtrusive than its big brother, so wear it on a day when you’re feeling casual cool. And finally, the one-finger ring. Sure, we see so many of these, but Loren Stewart’s Skinni  takes it up a notch with a hard-edged design. Proof that sometimes simple is best.

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