Alexander Wang Balenciaga designed for the first handbag series


Nicolas Ghesquière era Balenciaga supporters, and frankly I have entered a period of Alexander Wang's design, not yet digested and accepted. A. Wang was designed by the first Balenciaga handbags series available, for those who thought Balanciaga City Bag Handbag think of you, since you want to change. In A.Wang B-dynasty, the series called "Le Dix" handbag will be replaced. Implement his clothing line, handbags design is quite simple, practical lines of color, material stiffness, creating a feeling of elegance with decent. Single golden buckle up the entire design focus, like fortifications package that will be affected by the cut working people like it. Although the City Bag will not stop, but the thought of classic style will be replaced with a new design off the shelf, the heart still sad then.

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