Chanel launches limited edition platinum Monsieur de Chanel watch

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Chanel wowed us last year with when they dropped their Monsieur de Chanel watch, and this year the watch gets a dark new look just in time for Baselworld. The new Monsieur de Chanel features a limited edition 40mm platinum case with a sapphire crystal caseback that flaunts the movement inside.

Unlike its predecessor, this version features a striking black grand few enamel dial, which gives it much cooler look. The jumping hour and retrograde minute hand features remain the same, as does the Caliber 1 movement.

Only 100 of these black beauties have been produced so even the steep $63,000 price tag won’t deter collectors. Chanel has been upping their watch game lately and we’ve definitely taken notice. Last year’s Premier Flying Tourbillon and J12XS were pretty additions to the company’s roster of watches and we’re hoping that in time, their watches for men will be just as diverse.

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Tiffany & Co. Makes Super Bowl Debut, as CEO Departs After Just Two Years

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Tiffany & Co announced on Sunday that Frederic Cumenal has stepped down as chief executive officer “effectively immediately,” after less than two years in the role. Cumenal’s departure comes just after the New York-based jewelry company recently reported “disappointing” financial results.

The retailer said its chairman and previous chief executive, Michael Kowalski, would serve as interim CEO while the board of directors hunts for a new CEO. Kowalski, who will continue as Chairman, said in a statement on Sunday: "The Board is committed to our current core business strategies, but has been disappointed by recent financial results.”  He said the company remains focused on "enhancing the customer experience, increasing the rate of new product introductions and innovation, maximizing marketing effectiveness, ... all while efficiently managing our capital and costs."

Tiffany & Co., whose New York flagship calls Trump Tower a neighbor, said in January that its sales during the November-December holiday period were "somewhat lower" than it had expected, hurt by lower consumer spending and a drop in sales at its flagship store in New York. According to a recent statement from the brand: "Management attributed the lower sales to local customer spending, with a decline in US sales exacerbated by a 14% decline at the company's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York, which we attribute at least partly to post-election traffic disruptions.”

In other Tiffany & Co. news, while the company was scrambling amidst news of Cumenal’s departure, it made its Super Bowl commercial debut. In fact, maybe even more surprising than the news of Cumenal’s resignation is the fact the luxury jewelry retailer chose Super Bowl Sunday to do it (just hours before kickoff). The company unveiled half-time show performer Lady Gaga as the face of its new fashion jewelry collection, Tiffany HardWear, with its first ever Super Bowl commercial.

Mark L. Aaron, VP-Investor Relations, said on Sunday that the timing was coincidental. “That’s just the way it happened.”

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7 Most Popular 2017 Eyeglasses Frames for Ladies

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Hi guys! We can introduce you latest style modern eyeglasses frames that can popular and peek in fashion.  These glasses are suitasble on your face. When you can select eyeglasses one thing keep in mind frames according to your face shape. Face shape matching eyeglasses can add versatility in your modern style look.

Here are some frames that can popular in this season.

•    Animal printing frame
•    Color block frame
•    Bowline frames
•    Cat eye frames
•    Flat metal frames
•    Thin frames

Cat-eye glasses frame:

1 brown eyeglass frame for women

Cat eye shaped dress match plastic frame bring enormous charm in their modern styling. Animal printing spaghetti strap dress can allure their latest styling with their act eye glasses frame. On oval face shape it can appropriate and give versatile charm in their casual appearance.

Color block square glasses frame design:

2eyeglass frame for women 2016

Square shaped plastic glasses frame is the latest 2017 collection frame that can appeal your modern styling. Black frame with edge neutral shade frame give sophisticated charm in their modern look. Black and white striped shirt can match with their glass and side bag can also give style for your beautifying look.

Latest thin metallic frame design:

3light weight eyeglassframe for women

Here is thin rectangular shaped glasses can suitable on triangular face shape bring eye pleasing and chic hue on their face. It is also most popular eyeglasses frame that can famous in young girls. Their casual look eyeglasses can get interesting glam on them. Metallic framed tiny glass fastened frames are suitable and up to date latest fashion.

Balance faces latest glasses style:

4Newest eyeglasses 2016 fashion women

Black and red colored framed sunglasses with square shaped can balance their long face shape. It is best plastic made frame that can visible for casual wearing. It is also latest frame that can introduce the modern fashion trend. Trendy girls are like it and carry with their casual and formal appearance.

Latest Patterned eyeglasses frame of 2017:

5optical eyeglass  frame or stylish lady

Patterned frames can also peek in fashion in 2017. It can highlight your face cheek bones and bring eye-pleasing charm in your modern appearance. Wide face is covered up in patterned frame. Baby hair cut can also style up your face and give enchanting look on your modern appearance.

Animal printing oversized square frame idea:

6eyeglass frame for working women 2016

Animal printing oversized square shaped glasses is one of the most popular frames that can add versatile glam on them with their trendy styling. It can also visible for your professional look. Black shirt with white pent and lap top bag handling style give marvelous touch with their animal printing eyeglasses frame.

Bowline square glass frame design:

7frame less eyeglass for women

Bowline with square glass frame can inspired your modern styling. Metallic framed with plastic bowline frame can add sophisticated glam on them. With your modern appearance try out this decant look eyeglasses frame for your formal parties. Black color sunglasses with red lipstick bring versatility in your modern display.



Let’s try it these latest glasses frame and bring versatility in your modern styling.

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Bulgari B.zero1 Design Legend By Zaha Hadid

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The iconic B.zero1’s unmistakable symmetrical circular lines and the two intersecting circles bearing the BVLGARI logo has been one of the house’s icons ever since its launch almost twenty years ago. Bearing a number of architectural elements inspired by Rome’s famous Coliseum, there’s no better way to give the B.zero1 an update better than the design legend herself – the late, great, Zaha Hadid.

Zaha Hadid, famous for her deconstructivism in modern architecture, evolved in her works over time. Starting with angular aggressive forms like the Vitra Fire Station, Hadid progressed toward works that epitomise fluidity and movement such as the Dongaemun Design Plaza (DDP) and the Heydar Aliyev Centre.

The B.zero1, birthed in 1999, has also evolved over the years – and with this latest interpretation, the brand is exploring a certain beauty in deconstruction. Through Zaha Hadid’s expert vision of fluidity in deconstruction, together with Bulgari’s drive for innovation and craftsmanship, this collaboration marks a new chapter for the timeless B.zero1.C

Carefully deconstructing the central band of the B.zero1, its structure and uniformity is transformed into undulating gold waves. Held together with the iconic intersecting circles engraved with the BVLGARI logo, the birth of the Design Legend was born.


Available in Singapore from April 2017 in various styles, B.zero1 Design Legend will come in pink or white gold, with pink gold available in 3 band or 4 band styles. There will also be one with 3 bands in white gold, plus a pink gold pendant that rounds up the collection nicely. No word yet on their exact retail prices so do stay tuned for more updates.

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Hermès Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff

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If you have been saving for the Passant long wallet from Hermès I just covered a couple of days ago, here’s something else for you to lust over. Also by Hermes but I’m thinking it’s something that hasn’t quite hit our shores yet, here’s the Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff, a new addition to the French luxury house’s repertoire of leather jewellery.

So what’s so different about this one? Well, to be honest, not much really, save for the addition of the hanging charms that come with each bracelet. One’s a horn, the other, a lantern (is there some hidden meaning here?) that I’m assuming can be removed as and when you like. Made of palladium-plated hardware for the ones in ‘silver’, to permabrass for the ones in ‘gold’, the charms aren’t tiny tiny either; they average about 3.5 cm in length, which is quite substantial to say the least.


Besides Epsom calfskin, you’ll also find the Curiosite in Barenia calfskin, which I’ve placed together side by side for easy comparison. I’m biased towards Epsom (shown right), but for those who prefer their leather cuffs lush and smooth, Barenia (shown left) is the one for you. Now for the prices. They are retailing for USD715 for the ones that come with two charms, and just USD570 for the ones that come with a single charm, which will be the one which comes with the lantern. It also looks to come in only a single size, and once I get any more information, there will be more updates.

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Australian label Zimmermann’s fall 2016 collection takes the spotlight in a recent lookbook from Shopbop. Starring model Leila Goldkuhl, the trend guide features printed rompers and dresses in bohemian inspired prints. From airy chiffon materials to intricate eyelet details, the Australian label features feminine style to the fullest. Paired with embroidered handbags and strappy heels, Zimmermann has just the looks for the new season.

(Left) Zimmermann Karmic Stamp Ruffle Romper and Accordion Cross Body Bag (Right) Zimmermann Envelope Clutch and Oscar de la Renta Resin Rose Ring(Left) Zimmermann Karmic Stamp Ruffle Romper and Accordion Cross Body Bag (Right) Zimmermann Envelope Clutch and Oscar de la Renta Resin Rose RingZimmermann Karmic Stamp Smock Dress, Envelope Clutch and Ankle Tie HeelsZimmermann Karmic Stamp Smock Dress, Envelope Clutch and Ankle Tie Heels(Left) Zimmermann Weave Ankle Booties (Right) Zimmermann Karmic Flounce Playsuit and Zimmermann Weave Platform Oxford Shoes(Left) Zimmermann Weave Ankle Booties (Right) Zimmermann Karmic Flounce Playsuit andZimmermann Weave Platform Oxford Shoes

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