Fall-Winter 2016 Gucci Ad Campaign


I recall a conversation I had with an esteemed editor who met up with Gucci’s Creative Director Alessandro Michele recently in London, and if I remembered correctly, the editor mentioned something about the designer ‘living in his own world’. And it’s exactly this unique world perspective that has given the historied Italian luxury house new life and turned her fortunes around almost overnight.

You’ll see this world in his clothes, in his accessories, but the starting point for any collection will always be the ad campaigns, which started on crowded streets to underground train stations and most recently, a tropical aviary complete with pink flamingos. Yes, nothing normal here, but normal it seems, isn’t in Michele’s vocabulary to begin with.

For the Fall-Winter 2016 ad campaign which just hit the interwebs today, we have Glen Luchford lensing his 4th consecutive campaign (or is it the 5th one?) for Gucci, shot on various locations in Tokyo from a pachinko parlour to a park and even the interior of a traditional Japanese house, complete with tatami mats. There are crowded streets, there are soap bubbles, there’s even a bowl of goldfish, with each campaign image subtitled with words like ‘street sounds’, ‘pop’ and ‘relentless buzzing sound’.

You don’t have to try to break it down and try to psychoanalyse it intently for its alternative meaning, you just have to sit back and enjoy Michele’s world. And figure out what you’ll be buying from the collection too, of course.

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BVLGARI Bulgari 2016 spring and summer accessories released


Bulgari 2016 spring and summer accessories and unique, full of modern flavor, with bold new interpretation of the concept of the brand’s iconic style and detail.

Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti series is still the most popular, which is characterized by enamel material smugglers buckle. In this season works, designers with a unique way to make this series unique mosaic smugglers fresh air.


Bulgari Bulgari family to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the launch, Bulgari launched a new dimension to the classic series of works, and the new two-color leather, a more modern “Perspicio” snap highlight fashion brand details.

Bulgari designers draw inspiration from the gorgeous gemstone variety of colors in order to show the King prosperity spring: pink and lemon yellow to show vitality, ice cream and purple color representative of soothing mood. The new series of works full of yellow water crystal, red coral, turquoise, tourmaline and white agate and other colors, eye-catching. Gold, silver, copper and other metals and gems competing Zheng-Hui, the perfect match Bulgari jewelry design in precious metals and gems, most vividly.

From the past to the present, on behalf of countless women to become the favorite goddess of Bulgari. Bulgari women have many levels: her strong mature, modern and charming. Whatever the mood and trends change, Bulgari unparalleled quality, representative of traditional Italian craftsmanship, always captivating. Bulgari has a long history, and always with the times, interpretation of the famous style.


Bvlgari Serpenti Forever series clamshell Bag

Since the forties, as a snake full of wisdom and strength legendary totem, carved into the Bulgari heritage, aesthetics and achievements among the implication of immortality and rebirth. As a rich source of inspiration for the Bulgari without a break, the new season of the series of flip Serpenti Forever Bag brings full of joy citrine, coral, turquoise, color choice tourmaline, white agate. Under the bold use of color and unique collision process, these new colors make the serpentine pattern of craftsmanship Woon life. As this series name eternal meaning, flexible calfskin and as works of art as it is combined with three-dimensional serpentine pattern never get tired, even more modern in the classic.

The Serpenti Scaglie Gems handbags series is inlaid with black onyx studs, the hardest gem, highlighting its powerful charm gas field. Each Zhen expensive rare onyx studs are inlaid with gold border, and then subtly embedded in the leather of the cracks.


Bvlgari Serpenti Scaglie handbags

In jewelry design, coral and turquoise is a symbol of Bulgari. After years of experience, full of unique design and shape them into platinum and rose gold perfect match. And when they encounter pearl skin, coral and turquoise that a strong sense of style with precious pearl skin radial texture, Bulgari has used its unique traditional technology products given a new breakthrough.

Snake scales element is also Serpenti Scaglie handbags highlights, as if at any time the wearer will not become obsolete. When the spring breeze brings warmth, charming Scaglie handbag with detachable leather shoulder strap and folding handle, its compact size, can be installed under a daily essential items. In addition to practical addition, each scale on the handle through delicate metal structures stacked layers, unique conspicuous. At first glance, the scales seem to be tough to put petals, unique. New season handbags are the perfect outfit still products.

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Boy Chanel Small Double Wallet
Style code: A80566
Size: 3.4′ x 6′ x 0.9′ inches
Price: €635 euro

Want a coin purse, cardholder or a mini wallet because you need it. Look no further than the Chanel’s Small Leather Goods for the Cruise 2016 Collection. They’re also perfect to purchase as a gift for your friend. I mean… I mean… who doesn’t want a Chanel?

As an example, the famous Boy in Wallet edition. You can choose for the tiny coin purse or go straight for the trophy and take the Boy Chanel Double Wallet. Both has the iconic Boy logo and covered with Patent Calfskin. It’s like the Boy Bag but in a smaller size.

And since when can you go wrong with black? The small Chanel Black Wallet has a timeless design – quilted and made with the classic CC logo. This mini item will spark some light inside your bag and its functional at the same time, just another reason to buy.

Now, check out the rest of the mini leather accessories for the Cruise 2016 Collection, all included with prices.


Boy Chanel Coin Purse
Style code: A80602
Size: 3′ x 4.3′ x 0.9′ inches
Price: €445 euro


Chanel Classic Small Quilted Wallet
Style code: A80799
Size: 3′ x 4.5′ x 1.2′ inches
Price: €335 euro



Chanel Small Patent Calfskin Wallet
Style code: A82288
Size: 11.5′ x 10.5′ x 3′ inches
Price: €660 euro



Chanel Quilted Lambskin Card Holder
Style code: A82369
Size: 3.1′ x 4.3′ x 0.4′ inches
Price: Unknown



Chanel Quilted Patent Calfskin Zipped Wallet
Style code: A69271
Size: 7.5′ x 12′ x 2′ inches
Price: €380 euro

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Chanel Cruise 2016 Fabric SLGs



Just when you thought it was safe to step back into Chanel, this happens. From their Cruise 2016 collection comes the reintroduction of these fabric beauties, more specifically, these SLGs that you’ll be able to spot for yourself as soon as you walk into Chanel stores at either Marina Bay Sands or Ngee Ann City.

Simply designed with Chanel’s logo and that emotion-evoking line, 31 Rue Cambon Paris, you’ll find an assortment of SLGS in 3 lovely hues, Denim Blue, Grey and Pink. From a long 19.4 cm zipped wallet (SGD1390) to a larger pouch that measures 25 cm across (also SGD1390), the upside is perhaps the fact that they would be more affordable than the full leather versions. The downside? You’ll have to take extra care, especially with the ones in Grey or Pink, since any dirt or stain will show up more prominently as well.

Last but by no means least, my all-time favourite SLG from Chanel has got to be theO-Case, which while came in various sizes the last time, will only be available in one size this time around. Measuring 27.5 cm across by 19.5 cm, I’ve seen this in bothDenim Blue and Grey at Chanel Ngee Ann City, topped with a zip that runs across it and lined with quilted nylon on the interior.

Priced at SGD900, it’s just too adorable to resist, and because I already have a largeDeauville in Denim Blue as well, it made perfect sense to me to get the O-Case in the matching hue. Yes, that’s how I apply logic when I’m shopping, and with Christmas just around the corner, why not, right? 

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We’ll be moving-on to Part 2 of our feature, girls! Fendi’s Spring Summer 2016 is loaded with lots of amazing bags to choose from…but hold your horses first! These bags are yet to be released – we’re not so sure when, but we do have a sneak peek for all of you.

You may want to check out Part 1 of our feature, for more bags and style inspiration. Click on the link below.

READ: Fendi Spring Summer 2016 Runway Bag Collection Featuring the New Fendi Baguette Bags





Thank God for Peekaboos! This tote is a perennial favorite among bag enthusiasts (especially here in our community), and we can’t blame you for it. Here are colors and styles for you to look forward to! And even as early as now, we’re betting that you have some favorites of your own. We’re just as excited as you are!












We’ve reached the end of our preview, ladies! Stay tuned for more updates about these pieces very soon.

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