Autumn can be used with all of eight pairs of classic American shoes

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Trends repeatedly, but some single product able timeless. Listed today for your classic beauty of this eight pairs of shoes, from sneakers to fur slippers and then to conquer the many goddesses perfect wedding shoes, shoes with high practical value high degree of color to create the perfect autumn clothing goods.


Fashion Week in the season, we still visible traces of white sneakers Stan Smiths, but far less exposure and one pair of two-tone heels, it is from the Chanel’s Sling Back. Sling Back in 1957 the first two-tone shoes come out, 60 years after Karl Lagerfeld in 2015 Winter Fashion series, re-interpretation of this prestigious double-color shoes. Sling Back still embodies Gabrielle Chanel’s “from morning till night, hand in hand,” work can wear to work or attend a cocktail party.



Comfort increasingly important in fashion circles, T stage of the model began to take off the high heels, slippers become the new darling of the moment. After the designer designed the original home only dressed leather slippers have become surprisingly big on taste. Launched in 2015, Gucci leather sandals bright spots, the classic horseshoe buckle and luxurious fur join, more fashionable than high heels. This shoe has become the new darling of many celebrity circle.



When it comes to red-soled shoes, almost every girl is full of longing. Whether fine fashion shoe or star red carpet beauties, we can see its shadow. In many shoes in CL, born in 2004, is regarded as the most popular classic Pigalle. Pigalle is Paris’s famous red light district, a variety of nightclubs and bars every night carousing. In Pigalle is also the name of this metaphor sexy and dangerous high heels.



Rage, “Sex and the City” so that people remember the four women and a fashion footwear brand –Manolo Blahnik (some say it was the protagonist of the play’s fifth place), Mr. Big Blue took this pair Hangisi Pumps to Carrie’s plot is even more impressive. Manolo Blahnik high heels has been hailed as the aristocratic, elegant and chic design, soft lines with satin uppers and a variety of crystal stones inlaid feather …… always make every woman eyebrows.



Rivet is a passionate lover can wake up the world of Valentino vocabulary. Who would have thought then this little thing can cause such a stir? ! Added powerful rivet strap shoes in a romantic element, the two distinct things have been put together organically, strong contrast makes a successful Rockstud series of this classic brand to inject fresh blood again.



People demand more and more shoes; in addition to appearance than to look good, comfortable shoes foot feeling itself and also wear off convenience key considerations, Celine’s Slip On Sneaker undoubtedly meet the various requirements of the most beautiful exist. The design eliminates the need for a pedal socks have trouble every time out, simple shapes easy to mix, lazy shoe’s name must go to him.



Casual doubled Instagram, Pinterest, we can find a variety of strap shoes figure. Whether it is high-heeled shoes or boots, with a bandage element, everything becomes graceful up. Your heart can not help thinking, so difficult to wear shoes and other mortals how I manage? Bloggers Evangelie Smyrniotaki is demonstrated by the strength of a pair of strap high heels can make you aura all together, spike passers-by.



Usually that much and ankle boots, we seem to have forgotten such a classic neutral Martin boots presence. Today, it is a classic look and followed the trend of design, once again become the fashion street as well as many fashion lovers essential goods. Martin boots prototype appeared in 1940, and in 1960 produced the world’s first 8 holes Martin boots, a pair of true sense, then it is called 1460, at the sole neat yellow trace is the most prominent landmark.

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