Fendi Monster Backpack Charm & Monster Keychain



This isn’t a new post or an update of any sort. This is, simply, your chance to get these adorable babies if you’ve been on the fence for the longest time. Finally on clearance over on SSENSE, you can pick up these puppies for USD729 and USD456 respectively, the former being the Monster Backpack Charm, the latter the furry Monster Keychain. Which works out to around SGD1000 and SGD630, not exactly cheap cheap but still better than paying full price, right?

Once again, get them via SSENSE and if you’re quick enough, they are also offering free international shipping for orders above USD500 for a limited time. Yes, sale season is finally on.

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Dior Stardust Backpack Bag Reference Guide


Presenting the Dior Stardust Backpack Bag. Dior’s newest backpack features the iconic Cannage pattern. It includes a top handle for hand carry. The bag is available in two sizes, Small and Large. Aside from lambskin, it also comes in embellished style, similar to the Dior fusion sneakers. The interior comes with a leather slip pocket and the sides has snap buttons to adjust the compartment size. It comes in a variety of colors, Red, Yellow, Black and Orange.

Style & Price


Dior Small Stardust Backpack Bag

Dior Large Stardust Backpack Bag

Dior Large Embellished Stardust Backpack Bag


Dior Yellow Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Yellow and Red Stardust Backpack Small Bags

Dior Orange/Pink Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Orange/Pink Stardust Backpack Small Bag 2

Dior Red Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Yellow Stardust Backpack Large Bag
Dior Yellow Small and Black Large Stardust Backpack BagsDior Red Stardust Backpack Large BagI
Dior Blue/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Small BagDior Blue/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Small Bag 2
Dior Red and Yellow Stardust Backpack Large BagsDior Orange/Pink Small and Black Embellished Large Stardust Bags
Dior Black Stardust Backpack Large BagDior Black Stardust Backpack Large Bag 2
Dior Black Stardust Backpack Large Bag 3Dior Black Stardust Backpack Large Bag 4
Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large BagDior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 2
Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 4Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 3
Dior Black Lambskin and Embellished Stardust Backpack Large BagsDior Blue/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag
Dior Black/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Large BagDior Black/Pink Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag 2
Dior Black/Blue Embellished Stardust Backpack Large Bag

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This season, Christian Louboutin is not only keeping all the ladies happy, but they’ve also got something in store for the men too! Introducing, the Aliosha backpack – a sleek, funky bag that’s power-packed with space, functionality and unique design elements. This is totally the bag to have!

The Aliosha backpack was made for everyday wear – it has a durable black leather and fishnet exterior which is made to last for future uses (we’re talking about years of use here). It has a techno-chic black pyramid mesh and holodot design, which is reminiscent of sci-fi stuff all guys dig (Matrix, anyone?).

For the fun-loving, techy man who’s always on-the-go, this backpack offers multiple pockets and a spacious interior which gives more room for gadgets (an iPad maybe, car keys, a wallet, headphones, and others). The organized dudes would love this baby, it has everything they need!

Priced at $1895 USD or €1295 EUR, you can get this baby via Christian Louboutin online boutique.



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A Look Back at the Most Important Bags of 2014


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Gucci Bamboo Backpack



It was just a matter of time before Gucci came up with their own Backpack. But who had thought that they would mix the style with elements from the ‘Classic Bamboo’ Collection. It’s a clever move to differentiate theirs from the rest.

But anyways, I hope you don’t mind I use the word again: ‘they are super cute’. The size is very lady-like if you can imagine it clinching on your back. I love the buckle on the back, I love the extra tassels that slings when you are on your way downtown, I love the Bamboo closure on both side pockets.

In short, it’s a sophisticated style with a retro edge.

A bamboo handle is crafted on the top (for the moments when you want to carry it by hand), the signature is exactly how I like it – printed on the center, small and gentle.

Made from leather, with front double pockets, it comes with a flap with buckle closure and interior drawstring closure (so basically, with double security!) The double shoulder strap can be adjusted and the edges are hand-painted. The inside has an open pocket and phone case. Measuring 12.2’ x 11.8’ x 3’ (W x H x D), priced at $2,590 USD via Gucci e-store.







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Kate Spade Classic Molly Backpack



And so it has begun.

Even Kate Spade has joined the ‘Backpack’ Club, soon we will have so many choices than we cannot pick.

I love backpacks; they are great and can be very handy. They are also easy to store essentials, especially when they are heavy like books or laptops. And I love the way it sits on our back.

But then, too many backpacks in your wardrobe is not cool. Backpacks are great for occasions, or travelling. Would you rather have 10 gorgeous tote bag or 10 backpacks?

Presenting the Kate Spade Classic Nylon Molly Backpack. If you are still searching for the backpack to suits your taste, but haven’t found any or don’t want to spend too much, then this is a great choice.

A girly bag with a front flap and featured with the signature of Kate Spade. What differentiates the Kate Spade Classic Molly Backpack form the rest is the functionality, it comes with a drawstring closure.

Made from durable woven nylon with crosshatched leather trim. The hardware is made from 14 karat light gold, with custom woven bookstripe print in the interior.

What to expect on the inside?

It comes with a zip and double slide pockets and one large empty space. They are available in classic colors like black and dark blue, or also in red.

Measuring 11.5’ x 9.5’ x 6’ (H x W x D), priced at $228 USD at Kate Spade e-store.




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