Saint Laurent Tuxedo Box Bag



The easiest way to describe Saint Laurent’s new Tuxedo Box Bag from their Spring-Summer 2017 Womens collection? Think of your favourite YSL compact face powder case, magnify it about 5 times, and that’s pretty much what this is. Measuring some 15 cm by 13 cm, it’s not the biggest clutch around, nor is it the roomiest, but for such a sexy collectible piece that is also really very, very pretty, sometimes the usual rules need not apply. Use it with (or without) its additional snake link chain and you’ve got the perfect night-out-on-the-town bag. How much you ask? Just SGD4250 for either colour.

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Alexander McQueen Jewelled Fish Long Knuckle Box Clutch


alexander_mcqueen_jewelled-fish-long-knuckle-box-clutchWhen is a clutch not just a clutch? When it is Alexander McQueen’s Long Knuckle Box Clutch that comes topped with what looks like a Siamese fighting fish intricately detailed from brass metal. Siting atop a silk-bound clutch that’s then decorated with Swarovski crystal detail, it is as much a work of art as it is a conversation starter.

Priced at USD5140 and now available for pre-order online, it will also come in handy if you ever needed a weapon. In other words, like some women you should never offend, she’s beautiful, yet lethal at all once.

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The Givenchy Pandora Box Chain Bag is as glorious as it sounds – sleek, modern and timeless, this bag is set to give you the time of your life as you strut out in the streets…in style, nonetheless. For the cool kids who love having it all, or even for the elegant woman who’s out to start the day, this bag crosses borders and channels different style orientations. It’s as versatile as it could get.

Textured black calf leather makes up the bag’s exterior, as well as a curvy yet formed, streamlined structure which is set to raise the bar in bag architecture. A bag with curves, how cool is that? A silver-toned logo, as well as a chain shoulder strap, make up the bag’s hardware. It has a push lock fastening and an internal zipped pocket, which helps you organize your valuables with ease.

Measuring 6” x 7” x 4” inches (H x W x D), get yours now for $1995 USD or €1259 EUR via MyTheresa.




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Berlin, the city that everyone needs to visit whenever they come to Europe. It has a long history, including the Berlin Wall.

Besides that it’s boxy and cute as it looks like a mini luggage bag, it has something unique. It’s bold, daring – a bag for the city girl. The sides are decorated with golden corners, then crafted with screw-like embellishment. The center is colored in red with a golden plate that reads: ‘MCM and the bag’s number’. The golden plate is designed with studs as well as around the bag.

Indeed, it’s a masculine bag and it’s made for the strongest woman who is courageous enough to be different.

The MCM Berlin Box Bag comes with a shoulder strap, which can be detached or adjusted. It opens and closes with a clasp closure.

The interior is made with one internal card slot and it has a large empty space for storage. Measuring 14 x 19 x 8 (H x W x D), priced at $1495 USD via Luisa Via Roma.

So what do you think about this bag?




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When I spotted it on the runway, it was like love on first sight. I also love the outfit that the model was carrying with the bag, which is striped with pink, purple and white. And her hat!

But the must-have is really the bag, it’s named Olympia Le-Tan Chalk Box Hand Shoulder Bag and its looks like a do-it-yourself candy box.

Added with a little bit of vintage.

Not only is this bag cute but also playful. It’s a clever piece of accessory dropped from the fantasy world. Add this bag to your collection and wear it when you want to flaunt your playful personality.

The Olympia-Le-Tan Chalk Box Hand Shoulder Bag is handcrafted, it’s very visual when you touch it. This is also why it’s so unique.

With printed lining, hand-embroidered details like the candy-colored resin beaded shoulder strap. The top flap is designed with a magnetic closure to open and close.

For those that are interested, it’s made from cotton. Measuring 13.5 x 10 x 3.5 (H x W x D), priced at $1117 USD via Luisa Via Roma.



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Chanel Pocket Box Bag



Everyone has weaknesses and I have them too. I will completely forget about my lose-weight program if you put delicious cupcakes on the table. I am caution about spending, that is, until you drop me at Champ Elysees and unlock my unlimited credit card. And my biggest weakness is… not even my favorite food, but CHANEL.

How will the world be without Chanel?

Don’t ask me that question, I can’t image!


Well let’s imagine!

Imagine you’re dreaming and you walked into a Chanel boutique. The SA greets you with an honest smile and guide you a table. She grabs a few handbags and put them on the table, which color would you choose?

The Chanel Pocket Box Bag is kind-of the Camera Bag attached to a small Chanel pouch. It’s made with a boxy shape, embellished with a flap and CC logo on the front. The bag can be carried with woven chain link and it’s absolutely gorgeous.

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What you didn’t know…

The Chanel Pocket Box Bag comes in different color like red, yellow, black, blue and even green. It’s available in two sizes, small and extra small. You can get this bag in patent leather, nice and shine!

And here are the details:

Chanel Pocket Box Small Bag
Style code: A94206
Size: 4.7′ x 7.1′ x 3.9′ inches
Price Small: $3100 USD, €2090 euro, £1760 GB

The price is all right, but would you consider investing in this bag?

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