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I’ll admit it. It’s a slow news day, since most of what I’ll be sharing will only happen from 1 September 2016 when the new season officially kicks in. Still, there’s no harm showing you all a little of what will be available from Chanel in the coming weeks, this assortment of quirky brooches that I’m calling the Peace & Joy (cue peace sign brooches and a pin with the happiest of faces).

Made up of resin, gold metals and metal paved with strass, it’s just what we all need now, especially with what’s going on in the world at the moment. Just more peace, and joy.

Chanel joy brooches would be very interesting if it is present on the bag as well as your shirt. This is the latest collection for the new season as well. Chanel joy brooches are also found in several collections flap bag for collection Fall Winter 2016. In addition to this lovely clutch in black is also the beauty of these gorgeous brooches. Chanel joy brooches made from resin, metallic gold and metal paved with strass. Just more peace, and joy. Here are the details.

Chanel Pink with Strass Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag Chanel Joy Brooches 2016Chanel Red with Strass Extra Mini Classic Flap Bag Chanel Joy Brooches 2016Chanel Black with Strass Clutch Bag Chanel Joy Brooches 2016

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