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A case as expensive as your iPad, but it’s Indispensable if you love everything Chanel – presenting the Chanel O Case.

They come in several sizes, so it depends on how you want to use it. The mini size looks like a coin purse, the small size looks like a wallet and then the medium to large sizes fit your mini Ipad or the regular iPad.

It’s gorgeous, available in black quilted with a tiny CC logo on the front. The zipper area is colored in red, just like the Classic Flap Bag where its black on the outside but refined with red lining in the interior.

The Chanel O Case comes in different leathers; in lambskin, patent, caviar, and even half patent and half lambskin. I have seen them in fuchsia, blue patent, in black with camellia flowers, silver, crispy red patent, green and sky-blue.

The smallest size fits your iPhone, the large size fits your iPad. You can even use it for work, as a clutch bag, to store your documents. The Chanel O Case adds a touch of elegant to your outfit. A lovely and timeless accessory.

Chanel Large O Case
Style code: A69251
Size: 9.4’ x 13.8’ x 1.4’
Price: $6800 HKD (Credits: Kirsty K )

Chanel Medium O Case
Style code: A82045
Size: 7.9’ x 11’ x 1.2’
Price: $6000 HKD, around $600 USD (before tax)

Because there are so-many styles, the prices really varies, but we want to give you an indication. If you’ve more information, please post them in the comments.







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