Beyoncé Carried A Mystery Bag & Everyone Else Carried Coach Last Week


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The It Bag You May Actually Be Able to Afford


The piece: Coach Borough Bag

Why we want it: When a bag is spotted on the arms of both Sarah Jessica Parker and Lea Michele, you know it's going to be big. Let us introduce you to The Borough, the It bag of the Fall from Coach. But this satchel is a lot more than a sophisticated silhouette. Thanks to its interior, which is subdivided into three zip-top sections, you'll never be left scrambling for your keys at the bottom of your bag again. And its leather shoulder strap means that when you pack it full of your daily essentials, you can give your arm a break and sling it over your shoulder. A bag that's just as practical as it is attractive? We'd like one in every size, please.

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Coach Phoebe Small Madison Shoulder Bag On Sales



Before you zap away, listen to what we’ve to say first:

‘This bag is priced at for $358 USD, but we managed to find a few on sales.

And now listen to what people have to say:

JJSchetting: ‘I received my Madison Small Phoebe bag in the caramel yesterday. When I opened the package I was instantly in love. I wore it to work and barely made it into the building before receiving complements’.

Lost4Code: ‘This Coach handbag has all the components needed to be the perfect everyday handbag. It’s just the right size to fit a make-up bag, tissues, sunglasses, mini hand lotion, keys and a secure zipped middle compartment for my wallet and check book. The quality of the leather is outstanding and durable’.

Supercat: ‘I absolutely LOVE this bag. I just bought it in the sea foam to add to the other three colors I already have it in. The leather is beautiful…soft and light… but still durable’.

And now the details: the Phoebe Madison Shoulder Bag is one of Coach’s biggest secrets, this bag is simple yet durable and above all – ‘timeless’.

Crafted in hand-work Italian leather, the small version is more compact and has the same supple drape as the original one (the popular Coach Phoebe Shoulder Bag in medium size). With custom built hardware, beautifully organized interior and the handles sit perfectly on your shoulder.

Which fashionista is qualified to walk away with this bag? First, for those who are on the ban island, but still want to spend a little over the budget to satisfy their hunger.

Then if you love functional bags – the Phoebe Shoulder has easy outer pockets to hold your phone, keys, work ID and so on. You can secure your wallet and check book in the center zippered pocket.

And if you appreciate good leather – this bag is durable, not easy to get scratched and it holds shape. It has beautiful lining and it comes in so-many colors that even the rainbow can’t compete.

Measuring 13,5’ x 11,5’ x 5,75’ (L x H x W), priced at $250 USD at Zappos.



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Coach Bleecker Riley Carryall


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When you get that ‘call’ from your best friend who is in need for someone to share his problems, you will need to go immediately. There’s no time to pack your bag, get your hair done or take a relaxing shower, your friend needs you and you need to go.

In such situation, the ideal bag is what we call the ‘instant-bag’, it can also be used as an everyday essential. And you certainly can’t go wrong with Coach Bleecker Riley Carryall, it’s small, compact and matches lovely to your trench coat. It’s an easy luxury bag that you can take any time when you go downtown for a drink at Starbucks to gossip or having a productive chat with your good friend.

Crafted from smooth and pebbled leather, refined with a leather zipper pulls, this bag can be worn crossbody and still looks amazingly good. With multiple pockets in the interior to stock your little essentials, and in combination with this modern style, it’s surely a bag to love. The colors available are: powder blue, black, parchment, peach rose, grey birch, love red and acid green. 

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Coach Bleecker Pinnacle Carryall Bag


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Are you looking for an exotic bag that’s in-style and just freshly released? Let us introduce to you a bag from Coach’s latest New Bleecker collection that we adore. With luxurious matte croc attached to a fair price, it’s lavish-on-budget.

The Bleecker Pinnacle Carryall is an easy-going, not-too-much attention seeking kind-of-bag. It flourishes through its detailed finishing and striking natural vachetta. Carry and ‘Glam It’.

With contrast trimming in matte-croc embossed leather, truly irresistible for those who never-end seeking all-things-pretty. The enormous space will (just like its name says) carry all your big and small essentials and there will be even room for more. It’s ideal for your busy lifestyle and perfect even after-work when you want to get a drink at Starbucks or enjoy a fine evening diner with your colleagues. Supported with a top handle and a modern shoulder strap in case you want to free your hands. This bag is embellished with a flat strap around its tummy, the same way you would carry a belt. A metal silver, leather croc and beige tag is attached to the handle.

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Coach Spring 2015 Takes Us on a Mod Texas Roadtrip


Coach Spring 2015 Runway (14)

From the moment we entered the Coach Spring 2015 show, it was clear that creative director Stuart Vevers has yet to end his love affair with the idea of traditional Americana. From the engine sounds on the soundtrack to the flat, dusty West Texas vistas on the walls, the theme was much subtler in the bags, outwear and clothes than it was in the collection’s surroundings.

Although the collection’s western influences were occasionally visible – a utility vest here, a swath of rivets there – the end result was both softer and lighter than expected, down to the pastel metallics, fuzzy furs and little cartoon monsters from California artist Gary Baseman.

If bags are your primary concern (as they are ours), Coach’s big Spring 2015 push is an east-west satchel called the Swagger, which, by the looks of the runway, will come in two arm-carried sizes as well as a shrink-rayed mini crossbody. Take a look at our photos from the show below–what do you think of the collection?

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