Chanel COCO Crush Jewelry Line available at Net-a-Porter April 15th

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In their first foray into e-commerce, Chanel will be making available to customers the latest Coco Crush jewelry line on Net-a-Porter (WWD).  The line features the classic matelassé criss-cross design on 18-karat gold rings and bracelets. The rings will start at €1,970 and €3,250 and bracelets from €19k to €20.5k. The collection will only be available for three weeks, sign-up at Net-a-Porter to be notified of when the shop is available which will start on April 15, 2015.

Source: Chanel, WWD

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Street Snaps Chanel Coco Boy Wallet On Chain



You need to see this.

Hello Chanel Coco Boy Wallet on Chain, please be mine!

Released for the Spring Summer 2015 Act 1, the Coco Boy design is one of a kind – well actually, it’s a blend between chevron and quilted. Two of the best prints crafted in one bag. I am speechless.

Because we did not get too much reaction last time, we wanted you to see the bag in its true colors. And what is better than a phone snap? Well, much better than model pictures.

Check out the gorgeous boy clasp on the front, made smaller than the original version to look more feminine. It comes with interwoven chain links and they are even in black and orange/red.

Small bag are perfect as everyday bag, they are tiny and easy to carry and move from one spot to another, without getting tired.

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Honestly, its gorgeous right? (made from calfskin)

Style code: A80469
Size: 4.8 x 7.5 x 1.5
Price: around $2400 USD and €1600 euro

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Chanel Coco Lego Clutch Bag



The Chanel Lego Clutch Bag – a child’s play and now for grown-ups. It shocked the fashion industry when it retailed for £5370 GBP on the shelves. And on the top of that, it’s not made from leather at all. It’s boxy and hard, crafted from plexiglass, but done with style and impeccable craftsmanship.

When it was first-released, surprisingly it got sold-out in almost every store. And then celebrities were carrying them including Rita Ora, Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

Now for as far as we can remember, only single colors have been revealed, and few transparent Lego Clutch Bags. All with the beautiful CC logo crafted on the front, twice!

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But if you want to the best of the best, the crème de la crème, choose the Chanel Coco Lego Clutch Bag, which is made in black and white stripes, the exact two combinations of colors that Coco Chanel loves.

Coco Chanel: ‘Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too.

And to make everything perfect, the name Coco Chanel has been engraved on the bottom, presented with two CC logos on the front. It’s a gorgeous thing, a work of art, carry it in the most important evenings and it will certainly attract eyes and attentions.

Style code: A67718
Size: 4.7 x 2.9 x 2.2

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Chanel Coco Sailor Bag: Gabrielle's Inspiration


Before you turn your back and yell: ‘Chanel sailor prints’ are not my type of haute couture, then give me one minute to change your opinion by explaining how stripes are tradition for the French people and how Coco Chanel got inspired.

Striped sweaters were originally navy sailor uniforms, it’s original purpose was to separate the waves from the crew. If one of the members accidentally fell of the ship, the other crew members could easily recognize and pick him up. Back in the days, surprisingly, all French navy hailed were from Brittany, the sweaters displayed exactly 21 stripes, each referring to Napoleon’s victory. They were named Breton shirts.

The sweaters were produced in cotton and wool, specially made for sailors, but somehow the workers caught on and started to wear them. Eventually it became famous beyond the military.

When Coco Chanel went to the coast, she got so inspired by the sailor outfit that she used it for her 1917 collection. Her way of designing the Breton tops were a bit different, it was worn as flared trousers, making it more feminine and applicable for ladies. By 1930, Breton stripes were lifted to a higher status, it became famous among upper class woman and the style was lifted to the haute couture status.

Nowadays we can’t live without strips, they are everywhere, in t-shirts, bags and blazers. They have become an essential. The Chanel Coco Sailor flap bag is a special edition dedicated to the history of France and Gabrielle .Chanel It’s embellished with a pearly chain that you will certainly love, and it’s removable for anyone who doesn’t like it. This bag has been featured in Chanel’s latest cruise 2014 ad campaign. Crafted from high-quality jersey and available in two sizes:

Chanel medium Coco Sailor flap bag in jersey with beige and golden chain shoulder strap and removable pearl strand.
Size: 6.2x10x2.7
Style code: A90100

Chanel Small Coco Sailor flap bag in jersey with red/gold shoulder strap and black leather trim.
Size: 4.7x8x2
Style code: A92051

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