Valentino Dresses Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog From The Catwalk


Defined by ultra-feminine chic attitude in relaxed mood, Valentino Dress Spring/Summer 2015 Catalog brings several must-have iconic pieces for women enriched by sensuous patchwork appliqué and intriguing cutout embroidery work on soft fabric with a touch of fresh, gentle shades of pastel tones and signature motif in multicolor. Let’s find out here on Fashionbashon the price list and details from the newest lines of Italian luxury brand.

Shoping idea: Valentino Dresses Spring/Summer 2015 Collection From The Catwalk

As seen on the fashion catwalk of the season, the ready-to-wear collection of Valentino spring/summer 2015 is now available to shop at official store of the brand. Several lines of fabulous outfits from signature linen shirt & skirt, captivating mini & maxi dresses, georgette jumpsuit and many other breathtaking clothes characterized by elegant chic and femininity touch with the presence of easy and relaxed vibe in various trendy pastel colors, lively neck scarf-inspired prints, multicolored paisley or ethnic pattern, with anglaise lace appliqué, innovative patchwork and sensuous embroidered detail on fine cotton, gentle crepe de chine and other refined fabric materials.

Valentino Spring/Summer 2015: maxi dress & long jumpsuit in neck scarf motif

First, from the newest arrivals Valentino spring/summer 2015 collection, we find a fabulous long-sleeved maxi dress ($ 7,990.00) in multicolored Italian cotton muslin fabric featuring patchwork appliqué of colorful neck scarf pattern in miscellaneous motif, a total opulent dress with round neck design with lined bodice while the fitted long sleeve is finished with widened cuff for a relaxed yet playful mood throughout the season. For alternative, Valentino also suggests a versatile idea through a sleeveless floor-length jumpsuit ($ 5,290.00) enlivened by patchwork crepe de chine with multicolored neck scarf pattern, inspired by travel stories from ancient time. This maxi jumpsuit is featured with bandeau bra closure, side slits over shoulder to the waist section with side pockets and button fastener at back, sleek and elegant outfit to complete a statement look along the daytime.

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Valentino Spring/Summer 2015: linen dress with embroidery & patchwork crepe de chine

Another fabulous women’s outfits collection displayed on the new Valentino spring/summer 2015 is also the alluring linen dress ($ 8,990.00) featuring unique cut-out work and embroidery detail in signature broderie anglaise motif with delicate sleeveless crewneck and intriguing knee-length silhouette skirt with delightful patterned hemline. As alternative you can take a closer look also to thepatchwork crepe de chine dress ($ 7,990.00) in luxury vibrant, multicolored silk shantung fabric with contrasting neck scarf printed pointed collar, short sleeves with fitted, lined bodice and vintage-inspired shape skirt in slightly flared silhouette, a flawless piece to wear with high-heeled shoes or statement gladiator sandals to accentuate fresh yet alluring attitude.

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Valentino Spring/Summer 2015: multicolored jumpsuit & dress in pastel shades

As mentioned above, the gentle shades of pastel tones combination is also among the distinctive elements that highlight the clothing collection of Valentino for spring/summer 2015 season. To accomplish your wardrobe, Valentino presents multicolored georgette short jumpsuit ($ 5,990.00) featuring playful ruches in different pastel yellow, light pink and yellow with round neck, ¾-length sleeves with elasticized edge and waist belt to emphasize feminine yet trendy allure of a woman wearing this awesome outfit. Simple, effortless yet chic attitude is also a multicolored sleeveless dress ($ 3,490.00) with double layer linen enlivened by color-blocked stripes pattern in lovely pastel hues combination to give a more refreshing mood to your look in every occasion.

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Valentino Spring/Summer 2015: shell printed shirt & black a-line dress

To liven up the fresh spirit of this spring/summer 2015 season, Valentino also brings an enchanting sea-themed atmosphere through a fabulous shell printed shirt ($ 1,890.00) luxury silk twill fabric featuring relaxed silhouette of classic collar, long sleeves and visible button fastener opening at front while it will be perfect to pair with the shorts in matching prints, tones and fabric materials or any loose-fit pants from women’s wardrobe. Dedicated to evening party or any other occasions of the season, we find also a delightful sleeveless a-line dress ($ 2,690.00) in elegant black with double layer linen, crisscross detailing at v-neckline and side pockets that enhance a perfect effortless vibe to wear with any sumptuous shoes and bags in matching color.

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Valentino Spring/Summer 2015: sleeveless & crewneck dress

Valentino Dresses Spring/Summer 2015: embroidery work & cutout detailing

Those are among the thought-provoking outfits of the Italian luxury fashion house founded by Valentino Garavani we presented here on Fashionbashon with the price and feature detail to accomplish your closet of the season. Discover and shop more striking pieces from the brand’s Spring/Summer 2015 ready-to-wear show defined by relaxed touch and feminine allure in calm pastel tones and various exotic chic, unique patterns and multicolored motifs enriched with innovative cutout, embroidery work and other cool embellishments available at official online boutique of Valentino Women From The Catwalk!

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Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women


Pregnancy is perhaps the most beautiful period in the life of every woman, when they feel and look maximum feminine and fragile. Mastering some maternity style tips and knowing what to wear during the period of pregnancy can make moms-to-be even prettier during those nine months. While the first trimester of pregnancy doesn’t require changing your wardrobe at all, starting from the fourth and fifth months you may not feel comfortable in your ordinary clothes and there certainly will occur the need of paying visits to maternity stores more frequently. So here we want to share with you some perfect fall outfit ideas for pregnant women, following any of which will preserve your stylish and statement-making looks throughout the rest of the months to come!

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

Saying maternity clothes, we surely never mean slouchy and unflattering pieces, which hide your figure and make your body get a square shape. Today’s maternity stores offer a wide range of trendy and cool clothing pieces for different tastes and style preferences. Like in any other case, during pregnancy you also need to figure out your own personal style and always go for pieces, which make you feel and look self-confident and comfortable. If you are a pants girl, go on wearing your favorite jeans (when your baby bump gets bigger, you just need to buy maternity jeans with a hidden adjustable panel that provide extra support to your stomach), if you love the classic and elegant style in fashion, experiment with new ladylike dresses. There is absolutely no need to change your entire wardrobe, as using some of your old pieces and mixing them with recently bought items you can style easy and carefree looks, which stay true to your personality and own style. You still can wear tight-fitting clothing items when you are five, six or seven months pregnant, which will accentuate your lovely baby bump and make you look even sexier. Besides, wearing silhouette-embracing clothes will not visually add extra kilograms to your figure.

The bigger the baby bump gets, the more pregnant women desire to look slimmer. Since the cold season is usually about darker color shades, this will give lots of advantage, as dark autumnal colors tend to make you visually slimmer. However, not to look boring and monotonous you may try mixing subdued shades with some bright accents and prints and patterns. Only make sure to keep the top part solid and in gloomy shades, keeping the bottom much brighter. As for the dresses, think shades like black, gray, burgundy, dark green or brown, adding a pop of color through properly chosen accessories. Still, if you feel comfy in your skin, you are always welcome to pick brighter shades of the dresses. Generally, A-line dresses are the best styles to experiment with, which nicely flow away from the belly and don’t make you look bigger.

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

Although it’s always fun mixing styles and layering in fall showing off you creativity, you’d better avoid this during the final trimester of your pregnancy if you don’t want to look bigger. On the contrary, go for right-fitting pieces, dresses, sweaters and coats that will hug your figure and emphasize your cute baby bump. When it comes to the prints and patterns, keep in mind that horizontal stripes and large patterns are absolute don’ts, however, if those are your fave design details then keep them as close to the hemlines of your coats and dresses and as far from your top part as possible.

Discussing the best casual maternity clothes for fall, we first of all should mention combinations made of stylish jeans and simple tops and tees, styled with trendy accessories, bags and comfy flat shoes. An incredible fall maternity outfit is that composed of a pair of simple black leggings and an elongated checkered shirt borrowed from your man. Loose blouses and printed tees, trendy slouchy shirts are just perfect options you can consider. They accentuate the stomach, while providing movement to your body.

If you want to divert attention from the stomach or even hide it in the first months of pregnancy, pick tops and dresses with V-necks, or accessorize your outfits with chunky and conspicuous necklaces that instantly attract attention. Elongated vests and cardigans, ruffled skirts and options with flounces and high waists are also recommended. Generally speaking, skirts for pregnant women should have a high waist, as this not only provides support to your belly, but also protects your baby bump from the fall wind.

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

If the last trimester of your pregnancy coincides with the onset of the cold weather, you surely also need a proper outerwear. The top part of a classic coat should feature a special cut with a yoke under the breast or it should come with a slightly flared bottom or just with a low belt line. Ponchos are also great outerwear options, as those are universal pieces that look good on any figure.

From the sporty and casual looks to classy and elegant options, all the possible fall trends and styles are also for pregnant cuties. So embracing various looks on various occasions, looking creative and fresh every time regardless of the cold months and your changed figure is highly recommended. So just enjoy those nine months in a perfect style that is all about your personality and current happy mood!

Perfect Fall Outfit Ideas for Stylish Pregnant Women

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An Intro to the Herve Leger San Francisco Boutique

With the recent move to the Bay Area (for Lollipuff's development), I’m now much closer to stores that sell high-end designer items. San Francisco is pretty fantastic! Earlier this week, I popped by the BCBG / Herve Leger boutique. Here, let me share.

Actually, this was the first boutique I visited after arriving in San Francisco. It's actually a BCBG boutique, but it currently stocks Herve Leger as well. For now, they are at 331 Powell Street; however, I hear that Herve Leger will (soon?) be moving into it's own location nearer the Chanel store (yay!).

Since most of these high high end brands only exist in large cities, here are some eye candy pictures of the store!

herve leger store

BCBG_max azria san francisco sf store

herve leger sale

herve leger dresses store

herve leger boutique dress

Anyway, while I was there I met with Melody -- one of the best Herve Leger sales associates in the world. She helped me pick out and try on a few different dresses. I’ve worked with Melody in the past over the phone and email, but this was our first meeting... She is a total sweetheart!

I’ll get pictures of my try on Herve Leger dresses online in a future post! Some of the dresses in the next season are real treasures!

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Choosing a Herve Leger Based on Your Bust

Herve Leger dresses are extremely strategic: they're designed to flatter, regardless of a woman's shape. However, different dresses enhance (or minimize) body parts depending on their accents, ombre colors, cut and trim styles. This post goes over some of the best dress styles for enhancing or de-emphasizing your bust and cleavage.

Whether you want to enhance your chest, be more modest, balance your top-heavy figure, or just prefer to obscure cleavage.... Herve Leger has plenty of sexy options to help you achieve your desired look. Let's walk through some examples.

Goal: Create Cleavage

This is Herve Leger's forte. If you want to turn as many heads as possible, get the Herve Leger signature bandage dress with a cleavage enhancing cut! Here are some dresses to look for...

1.) Front-zip dresses

These dresses are a trifecta: they disguise any little belly bulges, the long vertical line in the front lengthens your look, and they create lots of cleavage -- plus, the zipper pulls your eyes right to it! Here’s an example of a great front zip dress that is simultaneously slimming and cleavage-enhancing.

Herve Leger with front zipper

2.) Look for individually-banded, cross-bust dresses:

For example, this dress has criss-crossed bands push everything together and up.

Cross bust Herve Leger dress

3.) Deep "V" designs:

For great cleavage, find a dress that has a deep neckline but thick straps to cover a push up bra. I guarantee the cleavage will be crazy, as most low-neckline Herve Leger's already create cleavage. The very-popular Ari Dress (which has appeared for sale on Lollipuff or in stores) is a great example! I've got a gray one in my personal collection. It's one of my personal favorites!

white ari dress

4.) Cross-straps that can be worn in the front or back:

This 2009 mini dress had straps that could cross in the back or the front. When the crossing is worn in the front, it definitely helps create cleavage.

Straps crossed in the front


Goal: Increase Bust Size

1.) Look for a deep V neckline with narrowing shoulder straps:

Triangle shapes near your bust can be quite flattering. In my opinion, this triangle shape is flattering for most bust sizes.... unless you have very large torpedo boobs. For example, check out this dress.

v neckline Herve Leger dress

2.) Trim around the bust:

Just check out these examples... which can be acquired for super-low sale prices, here. You can also find 'em for sale pretty frequently here on Lollipuff.

black with white trim dress

bust enlarging Herve Leger dress

3.) Aim for lighter colors on top:

If you want to make the top third of your body larger than the rest (particularly flattering for those with pear shapes and apple shapes), but still want to stay covered up, look for dresses with lighter colors on top. For example, this dress:

Herve Leger conservative but sexy


Goal: Minimize Bust

1.) Look for strapless dresses with straight-across bust lines:

Check out the example below. The light colored skirt, helps accentuate your legs and draw attention away from your bust. Because of the color placement on this dress, this dress would also be particularly flattering on those with a short waist. This particular dress runs about $2,000 at Neiman Marcus.

Pink scalloped Herve Leger dress ombre skirt

2.) One-shoulder dresses cover cleavage while still showing some skin:

For example, I love this extremely modern design in white! It runs about $1,300 here.

white one shoulder dress

3.) A-Line skirts and medium neckline scoops are great options:

An A-line skirt helps balance a top heavy figure; this shape would be particularly great for people who have apple body shapes (big bust, small hips). For example, this dress can be found here, along with a great video of the dress in motion.

Herve Leger a line dress

4.) And, of course, you can also look for high neckline dresses:

High neckline dresses will make your chest look more modest. For example, the dress below is great at minimizing your bust by covering any cleavage. It also helps by placing dark colors on top.

However, one word of caution about high-neckline dresses: If you are VERY top heavy, you will want to avoid high necklines as they may press down your chest so much that they create a “grandma boobs” illusion.

We hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful... we're here to help you find your dream, head-turning Herve Leger!

In future articles, we’ll discuss the best Herve Leger dresses that can narrow shoulders, cover arms, minimize hips, create the tiniest waist, elongate waist, shorten waist, disguise hip bones, create hips, narrow shoulders and elongate legs!

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Trying on Dresses from the 2014 Herve Leger Collection

I recently took a trip to the Herve Leger San Francisco boutique. I tried on some seriously beautiful dresses, including several from the recent 2013 collection! Trying on dresses is a great way to figure out which dresses look best on your body, and can help you decide which ones to add to your wishlist... so you can snag 'em when a good deal appears on Lollipuff. ;-)

Melody, my favorite Herve Leger stylist and sales associate, helped me pick out 7 different dresses to try on.

Most Herve Legers have an amazing fit... but some seem like they are made just for you -- which is why it's so easy to get addicted to Herve! This one was my favorite of the trip. The drop waist is ideal for those with a very short torso, like me. Another similar drop waist Herve Leger can be found here.

2013 Herve Leger Dress Flare Fit Avi in Brown

Here it is with a Herve Leger belt:

Herve Leger Leather Belt Drop Waist Dress

I did not think this colorblock dress (Parker) would look good on me. It is very similar to some of the vintage 1990's Herve Leger pieces. But I was pleasantly surprised -- it was super-cute, quite flattering, and totally timeless!

Herve Leger Color-Block Dress Parker

To be honest, the dress was so out of my price range that I don't even remember the price without looking it up -- it is $3250 and available here. Looking at this dress, you can see why it costs so much! It obviously took some real skill (and creativity) to make this dress: tiny individual bands throughout along with shimmery bead-work! If you want phenomenal shaping and have the money to spend... this dress might just be the one.

Rare Beaded Herve Leger Dress

This next dress (Bridget) was one of Melody's favorites. She debated purchasing this very dress for herself. I can certainly understand why she likes it so much:

Ombre Off-Shoulder Herve Leger Dress in Coral Color

You may recognize the next dress. I own the black and white version and am head over heels in love with it. However, I'm not entirely impressed with this blue version -- it just doesn't fit the same (or have the same spark) as my flattering black-and-white one. Strange.

Herve Leger Dress Blue-Trim -- Trying on in the Boutique

The Anaya dress below is very busy looking. With a whole lot of design and a whole lot of flare, this dress swallowed up my small frame! On the right body, this could be a fantastic dress. For a similar bold pattern, check this one here.

Anaya Herve Leger Spring 2013 Dress

The final dress is a beautiful, chic, one-shoulder ombre piece (the Eliana). By the way, you can see the sexy Miss Melody on one side of the picture. ;-)

Eliana Herve Leger Ombre on-shoulder bandage Body-Con dress

We happen to have a similar ombre Herve Leger dress listed for auction on the Lollipuff homepage... but it ends in about 16 hours. If you plan to bid... you best hurry!

Hope you enjoyed our take on some of the newest Herve Leger dresses.

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Herve Leger Dresses that Create Lots of Cleavage

Herve Leger creates the sexiest, sultriest designer dresses in the world. They are the king of jaw-dropping, head-turning, double-take dresses. Due to their irresistible tight body molding fit, these dresses will always be considered classic... and yet super sexy. Body conscious in a luxe fabric has never gone out of style!

Whether you’re trying to get back at an ex or just want to be the belle of the ball, it’s incredibly difficult to trump a Herve Leger dress. For those who want to pull out all the stops and be a total showstopper, cleavage is an important aspect of the dress. So, for this post, we’re sharing a number of Herve Leger dresses that create crazy amount of cleavage! In no particular order, here are some Herve Leger dresses that really deliver on cleavage:

Tight individual banding at the bust on this dress create lots of push up!


Once again, there’s a lot of individual banding at the bust of this dress.

cheryl tweedy

This dress has an x cross in the front can be worn in the back for a less cleavage enhancing look. But when worn on the front, it really deepens cleavage.

cross front herve leger

Front zips tend to create a deep cleavage as well.


herve leger deep ocean front zip bandage dress product 1 2656862 225398318_large_flex

Herve Leger Novelty Essentials V Neck Cocktail Dress

This deep v coupled with lots of individual banding at the bust means a lot of va va voom!

Herve Leger Red V Neck Bandage Dress

Herve Leger V Neck Dress with Piping


halter stripe herve leger

Another thing to note is that you can almost always have fabulous cleavage if you find a Herve that can cover a regular push up bra, and has a deep v. Almost all Herve Leger tend to have great support already, so by wearing it with a push up, the results can be astounding… or over the top. :P

So, if you’re looking for a REALLY REALLY sexy Herve Leger, we hope that this post helped!

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