Hermès Escale


hermes_escale-orangeIn the world of Hermès one would have no issue picking up beach blankets for over a thousand US dollars, or almost two thousand for beaded throw cushions that are almost all silk. Which brings us to the subject of today’s post, the Hermès Escale, which is in essence a 100% cotton canvas tote (or as Hermès calls it, a beach bag) that measures some 34 cm by 39 cm. Finished with a striped handle that also goes down and around the bag, it’s all well and good as far as beach bags go, bright and cheery, in a material that’s both easy to maintain and hardy as far as bags made of cotton canvas are.

The kicker? In the world of Hermès something like that will only set you back byUSD940. Because if you can afford beach blankets and beaded throw cushions that cost thousands of dollars, what’s another thousand or so, right?

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