Hermès Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff

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If you have been saving for the Passant long wallet from Hermès I just covered a couple of days ago, here’s something else for you to lust over. Also by Hermes but I’m thinking it’s something that hasn’t quite hit our shores yet, here’s the Curiosite Leather Bracelet Cuff, a new addition to the French luxury house’s repertoire of leather jewellery.

So what’s so different about this one? Well, to be honest, not much really, save for the addition of the hanging charms that come with each bracelet. One’s a horn, the other, a lantern (is there some hidden meaning here?) that I’m assuming can be removed as and when you like. Made of palladium-plated hardware for the ones in ‘silver’, to permabrass for the ones in ‘gold’, the charms aren’t tiny tiny either; they average about 3.5 cm in length, which is quite substantial to say the least.


Besides Epsom calfskin, you’ll also find the Curiosite in Barenia calfskin, which I’ve placed together side by side for easy comparison. I’m biased towards Epsom (shown right), but for those who prefer their leather cuffs lush and smooth, Barenia (shown left) is the one for you. Now for the prices. They are retailing for USD715 for the ones that come with two charms, and just USD570 for the ones that come with a single charm, which will be the one which comes with the lantern. It also looks to come in only a single size, and once I get any more information, there will be more updates.

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Hermès presented their latest collection at the La Garde Republicaine which features white corridors. The neat catwalk brings in the collection‘s colors more alive which presents sporty styles, flowy dresses and clean workwear. The brand introduces their latest handbags this season. This includes the Cinetic d’Hermès bag, a boxy bag with top handle and a metal closure. The bags have chunky chain strap, which can also be seen in the micro bags that were seen in pair, made of crocodile, leather and lizard. Another new for this collection, is the Toupet Bag, a mini fringed bucket bag made of horse hair.

Hermes-Green-Crocodile-Cinetic-dHermes-Bag Hermes-Light-Gray-Crocodile-Cinetic-dHermes-Bag Hermes-Tan-Cinetic-dHermes-Bag Hermes-Yellow-Cinetic-dHermes-Bag Black Cinetic dHermes Bag Hermes Yellow Fringed Horsehair Toupet Bucket Bag Hermes-Gray-Fringed-Horsehair-Toupet-Bucket-BagHermes-Black-Crocodile-and-Natural-Lizard-Micro-Bags Hermes-Natural-Lizard-and-Red-Micro-Bags Hermes-Blue-Micro-Bag Hermes-Black-Micro-Bag Hermes-Cinetic-dHermes-and-Toupet-Bags   

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Hermes Constance, A Touch Of Sophistication,Hermes Replica Buys!


The thing I love most when talking about Hermes knockoff bags is the fact that they actually represent my favorite thing in life. And what’s there a better thing to do than writing about what you love most? Well, I must say this is probably one of those things I have in common with one of the most popular fashion bloggers in the world, Chiara Ferragni. I spotted a picture of her today where she was sporting one of the most popular Hermes bags, the Constance.
The Constance is one of my favorite Hermes knockoff bags and I must say I’m truly excited to see Chiara sporting it. The thing I love most about this picture is actually the great combination between a true fashion lover and, of course, a true fashion symbol. Yes, a Hermes bag will always represent the idea of fashion, luxury and wealth. But beside those things, there’s one more aspect that I’d like to highlight, and that would be the good taste one can have in matter of style.
So basically, when we look at her, we notice beauty, style and simplicity. If you ask me, a Hermes Constance bag can actually make it even easier achieving such a look. Since it is one of my favorite Hermes knockoff bags, I consider it a true investment item. Nevertheless, if you’re interested in a very good replica Hermes Constance, follow the link I shared above and tell me what you think!
For the Black Friday Sales that are soon coming, everyone needs to put on their shopping list a few new Hermes items. They are timeless pieces that shouldn’t be missing from your luxury replica articles collection.Hermes Constance, A Touch Of Sophistication
Be it a replica handbag, an elegant watch or a piece of jewelry, one must add a few Hermes products to their wardrobe.
The Black Friday Sales are such a happy time for fashion lovers. It’s a time when they can find some of the best online deals. The main advantage of replica accessories is that they allow people to afford luxury products. Fashion lovers from all over the world can buy their favorite branded articles without spending a fortune on them. Imagine how good it feels to pay even less during the Black Friday Sales. Fashion has never been so affordable.
Planning to expand your collection with a few products during the sales period? That’s an excellent idea! And we have a few suggestions we’re sure you will find very interesting.

Since we’re still in the fall season, we chose a few accessories in fall colors to match your seasonal outfits. Every season has its colors and autumn is all about the leafs chancing colors. Orange and tan are some popular shades these days and we couldn’t miss the occasion to show you some beautiful Hermes replicas in these colors.

Black Friday Sales- Top Hermes Replica Buys!

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A baffling question that is more complicated to answer than understanding men. If you are actively searching for a Hermes Birkin Bag, then I am pretty sure that there are more question-marks circling around your head, like:

How much is a Hermes Birkin Bag? Let’s extend it – in Europe, United States, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong?

Of course; How to buy a Hermes Birkin Bag?

Some of what we’ve heard; Can you buy Birkin online?

How long for the Hermes Birkin Bag waitinglist?

Is the Hermes Birkin 35 size ideal?

The biggest question we usually get is; What is the current Hermes Birkin Bag price?

The other day I found a very interesting youtube video and I need to share with you. Combining with the responses from our community – from people who were seeking for a Birkin Bag and from those who had found the Birkin Bag without the waitinglist (usually by accident), the information shared in this video can be (partly) true:

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You’ve probably already heard about the Hermes Evelyn Bags. If not, then it’s okay; we will just do a quick review here.

READ: Hermes Evelyne Bag

This bag is not as popular as the Birkin, but then the price is not as high either. However, it’s a great handbag to carry cross body, especially in the weekends.

A lot of celebrities love to casual the Hermes Evelyne Bag from time to time – not only because its Hermes, but the leather is impeccable and the bag itself is quite spacious.

With the dotted logo on the front including the ‘H’ of Hermes, it’s a lovely handbag.

Now, what has the Hermes Evelyne Bag to do with the Evelyn Wallet. I know, the first difference you must have noticed is that the ‘e’ is missing from the Evelyn Wallet.

Second, both the Evelyne Bag and the Evelyn Wallet are embellished with dotted logo on the front, though I do not fully understand the print on the Wallet, I can only guess that it’s trying to form the ‘H’ of Hermes.

Want to know more?


This is a long wallet in two-tone plum/tea rose Mysore goatskin. It’s refined with silver and palladium zipped closure. It comes with 12 credit card slots, 2 flat pockets, 1 central zipped change purse in the inside. The size is 11 x 20 cm.

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Last Week, Reality TV Stars, Supermodels and Rihanna Carried Bags from Chanel, Dior and Hermès


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