Herve Leger Stores Closing


Because of the wonderful ladies of this community, we heard about Herve Leger stores closing before many Herve Leger employees! Since the news was just released, there are a lot of rumors floating around. So, what is going on? Is Herve Leger really shutting down? When will this happen? And, will there be any sales?

Herve Leger storefront display mall

People are making their purchases more and more online. Over the last couple of years, major stores have been closing brick-and-mortar stores left and right.

Following suit, most Herve Leger stores will be closing as well. Depending on the source, it is rumored that only 1-3 Herve Leger brick-and-mortar stores will remain.

One sales associate reported that the only Herve Leger store to remain open is West Broadway in New York, while another claimed that 3 will remain open (one Florida store, Rodeo Drive LA California, and West Broadway New York).

Herve Leger storefront display mall

As reported by a manager and sales associate, most of the stores are scheduled to be shut down in 8-10 weeks from now (so sometime in April 2017).

Now, here's something really interesting. Herve Leger stores, as of last week, can no longer fulfill phone orders. So unless you can get your butt into the brick-and-mortar store, you won't be able to order anything from these closing stores.

Herve Leger storefront display mall

Currently, there are some marked down items in the Herve Leger stores. The discount ranges from 20-50%. Prices are expected to be slashed further as the closing date draws closer. Popular sizes like xs and s are already disappearing.

But, there's an even more compelling reason to visit a closing Herve Leger store. The experience of trying on Herve Leger at a Herve Leger store is unbeatable. Sure, some department stores will continue carrying this brand, but the selection both for sizes and styles at a Herve Leger store is incomparable.

From basic to elaborate dresses, you're bound to find at least a dozen different styles that really suit your body. If you don't already know which Herve Leger dresses/tops/pants look the best on yourself, get your butt into the store to try them out. I HATE shopping in stores, but trying on Herve Leger in the HL store is my favorite in-person shopping. It's a treat for anyone who loves clothing!

Herve Leger storefront display mall

Lastly, I'm so sad to see some of the amazing stylists at Herve Leger move on. It's tough to have your job whisked out from under you. Here's a shout out to my girl, Marita, at the Atlanta store. Not only are you beautiful inside and out, have KILLER style, but you have always provided a memorable, FUN shopping experience. Customer service can be tough; mad respect! I wish you the very best for all your future endeavors.

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4 Herve Leger Dress Reviews

Got to try on 4 additional Herve Leger dresses and couldn't wait to share these with you! Herve Leger really does make the best dresses! The fit usually ranges from good to amazing, which explains why the brand has such a cult following! Here's some pics of the beautiful bandage dresses with some of my personal opinions on each.


Herve Leger Beige and black colorblock Karina dress

The Karina does a great job shaping the body. It really cinches in the waist and enhances cleavage. It has an interesting colorblock design that seems to minimize hips, and will be just above the knees for most heights.


black and white bandage bodycon minidress

For me, I found this dress a bit too short for my taste. But, for girls who love very short hemlines or are petite, this is a great dress! The lines on this dress emphasize the waist and slightly elongate the body. This dress in a different color combination is available at Lollipuff here. :)


striped bandage dress

On this trip, the Jette was the stylist's and my husband's favorite. The fit is fantastic as it's individually banded. Absolutely no belly pooch here! It's also a really unique dress compared to most Herve Leger dresses due to its fun striped pattern. VERY VERY flattering to the woman's body shape. I have not seen this dress for sale outside of the Herve Leger boutiques. For a somewhat similar dress, check here (on sale).


red fit and flare bandage dress

The fit and flare style is very popular right now. This dress shape has been used a lot this season from many designers. Personally, I think Herve Leger does fit and flare the best.

This dress is not as much of a super shaper like the Jette or Karina, but the dress style is still fantastic. I've tried the Faith dress in a number of colors now. So far, the red is my favorite.

Obsessing over the fit and flare Herve Leger dresses? If so, check out all these choices that I love: here, here, really cool colors here, and here.

If you liked this post, check out our previous try on Herve Leger post here and boutique visit here. If you have any questions about any of these dresses or any other Herve Leger dress, please leave it in the comment section below. :)

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Ugly to Cute and Trendy T Shirt Transformation

DIY and how to guides can result in less than satisfactory products and can be time consuming. I generally shy away from "how to cut" t shirt guides, as the result can look very cheap and very... well... DIY. But, recently, I found that cutting an off the shoulder t shirt is easy and actually pretty cute!

As some of you know, when I moved to California, I took only one small suitcase of clothing. Even with my extremely reduced wardrobe, 3 of the items were Herve Leger. Go figure! lol...

So, when I was offered a free promotional t shirt, I took it even though it was a men's size small! Needless to say, lots of promotional t shirts are super unflattering, especially if they were intended for a dude!

Everyone has at least one t shirt that is ill-fitting. Before you throw that tee into the Goodwill pile, try to make it cute with this very easy tutorial!

how to cut off shoulder tee

All you need to do to make that blah shirt more wearable is a pair of scissors, a sewing needle and thread.

cut t shirt tutorial guide

Step 1 is to lay the shirt flat and cut out the collar. Be sure not to cut the opening too much. It's always easier to cut more than it is to cut less! Please refer to the photo above to see how I aligned my shirt first and how much fabric I cut. Cut less off if the t shirt already has a bigger neck hole.

Step 2 is to roll the sleeves and sew them down. I rolled the sleeve 3 times and made sure that the stitches only showed on the inside and not the outside by not sewing through the very top layer.

That's it! Then, you're done!

diy off shoulder t shirt

Ta da! Much more wearable! Hope you like the result.

T shirts with super random designs will make the best off the shoulder tees. For examples, I like these here, here, hereand here.

Is there a DIY that you love? Please share!

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Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

Hope that everyone had an amazing Valentine's day! My husband and I enjoyed the day with fluffy Japanese cake, sushi and a movie. And, of course, I got to wear Herve Leger! Here's what I wore for the special day...

Fei Deyle colorblock Herve Leger vintage Chanel Christian Louboutin Black

For Valentine's, I went very sexy with this sweet little Herve Leger colorblock with v neckline and short mini length. I paired it with a vintage Chanel bag and black Louboutin pumps.

Hope you liked our Valentine's outfit and enjoyed your V-Day as well! Whether you currently have a significant other or not, we hope that you spent it in great company and had fun.

By the way, Lollipuff wants to schedule a meetup in the San Francisco/ Silicon Valley /Bay area. If you're interested, we'd love to hear where you're located and any suggestions for the meetup.

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An Intro to the Herve Leger San Francisco Boutique

With the recent move to the Bay Area (for Lollipuff's development), I’m now much closer to stores that sell high-end designer items. San Francisco is pretty fantastic! Earlier this week, I popped by the BCBG / Herve Leger boutique. Here, let me share.

Actually, this was the first boutique I visited after arriving in San Francisco. It's actually a BCBG boutique, but it currently stocks Herve Leger as well. For now, they are at 331 Powell Street; however, I hear that Herve Leger will (soon?) be moving into it's own location nearer the Chanel store (yay!).

Since most of these high high end brands only exist in large cities, here are some eye candy pictures of the store!

herve leger store

BCBG_max azria san francisco sf store

herve leger sale

herve leger dresses store

herve leger boutique dress

Anyway, while I was there I met with Melody -- one of the best Herve Leger sales associates in the world. She helped me pick out and try on a few different dresses. I’ve worked with Melody in the past over the phone and email, but this was our first meeting... She is a total sweetheart!

I’ll get pictures of my try on Herve Leger dresses online in a future post! Some of the dresses in the next season are real treasures!

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Choosing a Herve Leger Based on Your Bust

Herve Leger dresses are extremely strategic: they're designed to flatter, regardless of a woman's shape. However, different dresses enhance (or minimize) body parts depending on their accents, ombre colors, cut and trim styles. This post goes over some of the best dress styles for enhancing or de-emphasizing your bust and cleavage.

Whether you want to enhance your chest, be more modest, balance your top-heavy figure, or just prefer to obscure cleavage.... Herve Leger has plenty of sexy options to help you achieve your desired look. Let's walk through some examples.

Goal: Create Cleavage

This is Herve Leger's forte. If you want to turn as many heads as possible, get the Herve Leger signature bandage dress with a cleavage enhancing cut! Here are some dresses to look for...

1.) Front-zip dresses

These dresses are a trifecta: they disguise any little belly bulges, the long vertical line in the front lengthens your look, and they create lots of cleavage -- plus, the zipper pulls your eyes right to it! Here’s an example of a great front zip dress that is simultaneously slimming and cleavage-enhancing.

Herve Leger with front zipper

2.) Look for individually-banded, cross-bust dresses:

For example, this dress has criss-crossed bands push everything together and up.

Cross bust Herve Leger dress

3.) Deep "V" designs:

For great cleavage, find a dress that has a deep neckline but thick straps to cover a push up bra. I guarantee the cleavage will be crazy, as most low-neckline Herve Leger's already create cleavage. The very-popular Ari Dress (which has appeared for sale on Lollipuff or in stores) is a great example! I've got a gray one in my personal collection. It's one of my personal favorites!

white ari dress

4.) Cross-straps that can be worn in the front or back:

This 2009 mini dress had straps that could cross in the back or the front. When the crossing is worn in the front, it definitely helps create cleavage.

Straps crossed in the front


Goal: Increase Bust Size

1.) Look for a deep V neckline with narrowing shoulder straps:

Triangle shapes near your bust can be quite flattering. In my opinion, this triangle shape is flattering for most bust sizes.... unless you have very large torpedo boobs. For example, check out this dress.

v neckline Herve Leger dress

2.) Trim around the bust:

Just check out these examples... which can be acquired for super-low sale prices, here. You can also find 'em for sale pretty frequently here on Lollipuff.

black with white trim dress

bust enlarging Herve Leger dress

3.) Aim for lighter colors on top:

If you want to make the top third of your body larger than the rest (particularly flattering for those with pear shapes and apple shapes), but still want to stay covered up, look for dresses with lighter colors on top. For example, this dress:

Herve Leger conservative but sexy


Goal: Minimize Bust

1.) Look for strapless dresses with straight-across bust lines:

Check out the example below. The light colored skirt, helps accentuate your legs and draw attention away from your bust. Because of the color placement on this dress, this dress would also be particularly flattering on those with a short waist. This particular dress runs about $2,000 at Neiman Marcus.

Pink scalloped Herve Leger dress ombre skirt

2.) One-shoulder dresses cover cleavage while still showing some skin:

For example, I love this extremely modern design in white! It runs about $1,300 here.

white one shoulder dress

3.) A-Line skirts and medium neckline scoops are great options:

An A-line skirt helps balance a top heavy figure; this shape would be particularly great for people who have apple body shapes (big bust, small hips). For example, this dress can be found here, along with a great video of the dress in motion.

Herve Leger a line dress

4.) And, of course, you can also look for high neckline dresses:

High neckline dresses will make your chest look more modest. For example, the dress below is great at minimizing your bust by covering any cleavage. It also helps by placing dark colors on top.

However, one word of caution about high-neckline dresses: If you are VERY top heavy, you will want to avoid high necklines as they may press down your chest so much that they create a “grandma boobs” illusion.

We hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful... we're here to help you find your dream, head-turning Herve Leger!

In future articles, we’ll discuss the best Herve Leger dresses that can narrow shoulders, cover arms, minimize hips, create the tiniest waist, elongate waist, shorten waist, disguise hip bones, create hips, narrow shoulders and elongate legs!

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