Chanel CHANCE Limited Edition



Enter the world of imagination where endless romance does exist and everything is sparkling and clean. Surprise yourself with CHANEL limited edition CHANCE beauty collection that reflects Gabrielle Chanel’s belief in power of ‘chance’.

First up, the Chance shimmering body cream is a rich and silky texture of floral sensuality to make your skin smooth. Add some sparkling freshness with Chance Eau Fraiche for the shimmering touch. And finally Chance Eau Tendre, refined piece, utterly feminine fragrance to veils your skin with vibrant scent and luminous glow.

In case you need more information, the Chance shimmering body cream is priced at $75, Chance eau Fraiche shimmering touch for $50 and Chance Eau Tendre Shimmering powdered perfume is $50 at Chanele-store.

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Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Keepall Bag

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Imagine traveling long distance for work or holiday, sitting 7+ hours in the airplane will not only break your back and get your legs tired, but it will destroy your fashion as well. You walk out the airport feeling unstructured and dirty, looking forward to get to your hotel room as soon as possible to re-do everything. But it does help if you carry accessories that naturally enhancing any look no matter how you dress. One of them is a Louis Vuitton luggage bag, have you met the Keepall yet?

Like the Neverfull, the space of Keepall is evenly deep, crafted in coated canvas and printed with the fashion house’s iconic logo, the black/multi-color version is unfortunately discontinued. As the years comes by, the Keepall becomes more valuable, certainly when people figure out that this edition can’t be bought in store, The gold-tone studs aligned with the natural leather stripes makes it intriguing, with double side pockets embellished with the classic Louis Vuitton locker.

For the ambitious travel fashionista, there is only one piece left at Shopbop. A bit steep, but take it home for $3,900. If you love the Keepall version, take a look at our previous review of the empreinte line.Welcome from moncler jackets shop to purchase.

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