The office diva and girls-on-the-go will surely love the Balenciaga Papier A5 Metallic Edge Leather Tote, a fully-functional piece that’s made for style! If you’re up for a bag that’s about to become your next best friend (as you go around and take on the world), then this is it!

The piece is made with grainy black calf leather – a beautifully textured exterior that’s highly durable as well! It is also accented with gold-tone hardware that finishes the whole piece beautifully, giving it a shine like no other. Ain’t it glamorous? You bet! It has a front zipped pocket and internal slot pockets which give you more room to organize all of your essentials. You wouldn’t have to fumble around with your belongings because they’re all in there!

Measuring 12” x 11.5” x 5.5” inches (H x W x D), you can get your very own Papier A5 Metallic Edge Leather Tote for $2,085 USD or €1,395 EUR via MyTheresa.




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Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag And The Chanel PTT Is Still Alive?



There’s something I need to talk to you about…

Actually there are two big things, one is wrapped around a story. But before all that, I want to thank Lolli – for all the details and pictures.

First things first, let us share with you a bag that you’ve probably never seen before. We did a little research on our own, this bag is called the ‘Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag’ and it’s now in store, for the Spring Summer 2014 Collection. Lolli sent us a message: ‘Hi, is the CC Crave still available in London and the current price? Going there tomorrow for a week’.

The Chanel CC Crave Flap, the bag that has inherited the same elements like the Classic Flap Bag, a timeless piece that is so much cheaper. Which fashionista doesn’t love that!

But anyway, we told Lolli about the availability and the price. (some of our members found the CC Crave in this season!)

A few days later, Lolli updated us her findings, she said: ‘Thanks. I’m now in London but I cannot find it in Harrods or Selfridges. Bought the perfume bottle print medium instead’.

A perfect move, if Chanel doesn’t have your bag in stock (this happens all the time!), then prepare yourself with a back-up plan. Lolli end up with a perfume bottle print flap bag, the original name is actually: ‘Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag’.


Then Lolli continued: ‘It’s not a clutch. It’s similar to CC Crave but with embossed Chanel perfume bottle prints on the leather’.

Oh yes, as an addition, if you want the latest info about the Boy Chanel Quilted Flap Bag: ‘My friend got the Boy Chanel quilted medium with rusty gold metal at £2990’.

Then Lolli told me one thing that literally froze my heart, I was surprised, stunned, amazed, jumping and….

She told me: ‘By the way, the PTT is available at Heathrow Chanel but I didn’t ask for the price’.

A little background information: The PTT is the Chanel Petite Timeless Tote, it was not as popular as the GST and the PST, but still it was one of the most coveted and affordable tote from Chanel. But we haven’t heard about this bag for like two years or so.

So when Lolli informed me that she saw the Chanel Petite Timeless Tote, I was like: ‘Nooooo, that can’t be’ (the same facial expression when your Chanel lambskin get scratched).

I wouldn’t let my opportunity pass by, I need to dive into the head of Lolli. So I send her another email again: ‘Lolli, are you sure you saw the PTT, because as far as we know it’s discontinued

Then she answered: ‘I am very sure I saw the PTT at the Heathrow T3 Chanel store. There was beige and black. They are distinctive because of the zip and small tote size. There are lots of bags that came in last week in London. I was lucky. I wished I could get the PTT but I was out of luggage space’.

Okay, let’s get back to the details first. The Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag is crafted from calf leather and embossed with ‘Chanel’ symbols like the CC logo, the iconic perfume bottle, Chanel Camellia’s, the number 5 and so on. The symbols will live on forever, which makes this bag a timeless piece.

The Chanel Metallic Symbols Flap Bag matches to anything that is linked to ‘casual’ – jeans, pants, tees, tops, when you go to work, shopping, evenings and so on.

There are two different colors and styles available: in metallic calfskin with silver hardware or in black calfskin with silver hardware.

The style code is: A92243
Size: 25 x 12 x 5 cm
Price: $2,800 USD or £1790 GBP before VAT (euro is almost the same)

Before you go, please like our Facebook page and share this post. Drop a comment if you got any question and if you saw the PTT too, let us know.

Oh yes one more thing, Lolli: ‘There is a smaller one that looks like a clutch. Did not check the price though‘.

About Heathrow T3 Airport: The Chanel boutique located there are generally cheaper because the VAT is not included yet. So you don’t need to apply for tax-refund, which save you money because you don’t need to pay the commission for processing tax-refund.

Heathrow T3 Airport don’t stock iconic anymore, a few of them are: The Chanel Classic Flap Bags, the 2.55 reissue, The Quilted Boy Bags.

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A New Classic: Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge Bags


Here, take some tea and sit down. Comfy yet?

Now let’s talk about iconic things and bags…

We all know what Balenciaga did. The Le Dix Collection, Ha! I admit; it was a fresh thing and the collection was not bad, not too bad at all. But we just can’t deny where our heart belongs. It belongs in the deepest cave inside Balenciaga’s classic collection. Oh City bag, did you really think that Le Dix could replace you. Not yet, not yet.


Discontinued this and that (Let me refresh your memory; giant hardware 21 discontinued in 2011, I know it hurts, Ouch!), but finally Balenciaga added some new flavors to t heir classic city collection. Now presenting (the curtains start to open); the Balenciaga Metallic Edge Bags (standing ovation!). And they call it: ‘They New Classic’ and I am so liking it.

The Classic bbags have always been trending in fashion, they are simply… how should I call it: ‘beautiful and stylish’. A kind-of motorcycle style, tough and suitable for all women. The classic city bag is as popular as any timeless bag. But do you know what our weaknesses are for Balenciaga bags? It’s the colors, so many that we can’t choose; mango-orange, lemon-yellow, ocean-blue oh gosh, where do we start. But fortunately for us, no headache for the new Balenciaga Metallic Edge City bags, they only come in black and gold hardware. Yeah or Booh?

The Balenciaga Classic City Metallic Edge bag in medium is crafted from shiny grain goatskin, both impeccable quality and durable. The size is measured 9.4” x 14.8” x 5.5” with black cotton lining. And just like every classic city bag, the metallic edges are self-finish studs, including a leather tassel.

Not long ago, Balenciaga has introduced the mini version of the Classic ‘City’ Bag. It’s exactly the copy of, only it comes with a more comfortable shoulder strap. This size is measured at 6.2” x 9.0” x 3.5”, it’s also in black and shiny grain goatskin.

Let’s get to the prices; the medium size is priced at $2,050 USD, the mini classic city bag is priced at $1,485 USD / €1.045 EUR. So, now you’ve finished your tea, please tell me; ‘You Like?’

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