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You’ve probably already read our oh-so-famous article: ‘Hermes Classic Bag Collection’. Oh, if you haven’t, then we recommend you to read it as we have invested a lot of sweat and tears putting it together.

Apart from what’s already classic and iconic, let us talk about something different than the Hermes Kelly and Birkin Totes. Let’s talk about, uh, the bags that are under the radar. Presenting the Hermes Passe-Passe Bag.

Now, I love French language but I suck at it. I am so bad in French that if my high school teacher didn’t have a good temper, she would probably have broken her desk in two pieces. So I went for a search on Google translation, I wanted to know what ‘Passe-Passe’ means. And it says: ‘Sleight’. Now allow me to explain the function of this accessory.

You see, just like the Hermes Pliplat Bag, this tote has two forms. It’s an innocent small tote bag and when it’s in black, it looks quite classic. The handles are long, you can carry it by hand or simply sling it on your shoulder. Nice right?

It’s also a bit deceiving, because the Hermes Passe-Passe Bag, when it’s folded, it looks like it has limited space. But surprising enough, when you unfold it, this bag changes into a, what should I call it? A shopping tote. It’s now enormous, now let’s see who is neverful (you know what I mean)?

It’s made from toile Goeran and Vaud-Barenia, if you do not what this is, please go to our Hermes Leather Guide. The front is beautified with a small tag that reads: ‘Hermes Paris’. Now let’s dive into the details:

Hermes Passe-Passe Bag
Size: 21 x 35 x 17 (H x B x D) in cm






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