There’s a new Prada tote bag coming to town and it looks like it is set to conquer the hearts of bagaholics! Introducing the latest Prada Bomber Tote Bag, which looks exquisitely stylish in all the right angles.

Let’s take a peek and walk down memory lane as we talk about the Bomber. Oozing the elegance and confidence, the Prada Bomber features a thick and pleated look of the exterior, adding a touch of chic and funk to your overall ensembles.

This latest Prada bag is crafted with Bomber-effect fabric that is made ultra stylish by pairing it over steel hardware. The bomber is famous for the smooth feel and also for its durable material. This means no more babying the bag or continuesly maintaince, and doesn’t that sound like the perfect everyday bag. The Bomber material is also very lighweight and you can stuff your bag without worrying that it will expand like leather. It also boasts the enamel triangle logo, which makes it easier to distinguish from all the other luxury bags out there. Altough it comes with double leather handle, you can also wear it as a shoulder bag.

Aside from these, the Prada Bomber Tote Bag also has a lot to offer when it comes to its interior features. It has three inside pockets, including one with zipper closure to keep your things organized and has one outside pocket with zipper closure.

It measures 24.5 x 15 (L x H) cm and is priced $1100 USD, €950 euro, £820 GBP, ¥144720 JPY via Prada boutiques.




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We’ve featured and talked about the Prada Cahier Bag a few weeks back but due to demand and its popularity, we’re going to take a closer look at it. Yes ladies, the Prada Cahier Bag up close and personal.

There’s nothing much said about this particular bag except for the fact that it not only looks elegant but also looks sturdy from the outside thanks to its leather and bronze hardware ensemble. Now what about the inside?

Aside from its box-like structure, the Cahier Bag has more to offer. Aesthetically speaking, it has an exquisite look to it. The bronze lettering logo in front and the lace closure on the front are the definite attention grabbers. The leather shoulder strap embellished with bronze studs also added a sense of spunk to it.

On the inside, it has two inside compartments and two inside pockets, including one with flap.

Measuring 20 x 14.5 x 7 (L x H x W) cm and is priced $2660 USD or €2400 euros via Prada boutiques.





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Prada Robot Limited Edition Capsule Collection



You all know I love my cute. If I see anything cute I’m a definite goner, which often comes with the same tragic end result as far as I’m concerned: a no-questions-asked easy surrender of my credit card to the gleaming hand-rubbing SA. And with Prada’s new limited edition capsule line-up simply known as the Robot collection (Edward, does anyone here remember Edward!), the end result, as far as my finances are concerned, look pretty bleak.

Comprised of bags (backpacks, shoulder slings, totes big and small) in denim, nylon and leather (yes, there’s truly something cute for everyone here) to SLGs like long wallets and adorable little zip pouch charms, it’s basically Edward on crack, with his robot friends positioned right, front and centre on every single piece that’s perfect for the young and young at heart.


Priced from SGD660 and up (SGD660 for the zip pouch charm, SGD1220 for the long wallets, all of which are shown above), the cutest of all little denim totes shown here is priced at SGD1900. Which while frankly isn’t that cheap, but when you factor in the amount of leather and hardware pieces sewn onto it to complete the bag, it does make sense. Besides, who can say no to a face like that, right?

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Feeling Surprised By Prada Yet?


It’s safe to say any Prada piece is a token of luxury. Prada crafts beautiful bags that can stand within the ranks of other premier designer favorites. However, over recent years, consumers seem less than glamorized by the brand, and the numbers show it. Prada’s profits have fallen tremendously this year, and the fashion house has tried everything from cutting back on physical boutiques to producing lowered price bags to get out of the deep rut. For a while at least, the fate of Prada seemed a little bleak.

To remedy the spiral, Prada launched a huge campaign for the new “Inside Bag Tote” in hopes of creating the next “it-bag” and gaining traction back to the brand. Thus far, the Inside Bag has receivedmixed reviews and it remains up in the air whether the bag can reach icon status. Nonetheless, Prada is still looking to romance consumers again and revitalize their collection with fresh, new bags.

Judging by the looks of the Spring/Summer 2016 show, Prada may be making headway on getting its groove back. A number of new silhouettes were seen on the runway and bold designs were prominent. New styles included bags with large top-handles and structured, boxy bodies. One standout piece was a new flap bag with a large chained strap. The Inside bag and classic tote style debuted in totally new versions. Overall, Prada’s new designs this season included lots of colorblocking and play with textures and lines. Stripes, exotic materials, and bold colors like red, green and yellow adorned many bags.

Explore Prada Spring/Summer 2016 Bags Below:


Prada hoped for new and different, and it seems like they achieved it. Do you agree?

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Prada unveils Candy Kiss perfume campaign starring Lexi BolingPrada unveils Candy Kiss perfume campaign starring Lexi Boling

Prada has introduced a new fragrance to its Candy line, and it sounds pretty sweet. Called ‘Candy Kiss’, the campaign images star model Lexi Boling. Posing with a sleek, sixties inspired hairstyle with side-swept bangs, the blonde serves mod vibes in a crystal embellished top.

The campaign was photographed by Steven Meisel, who has previously captured the American model for Vogue Italia on numerous occasions. The accompanying campaign video is retro chic with stills of Lexi playing rapidly while set to a rock and roll tune.

Prada Candy Kiss Fragrance $68.00 - $118.00Prada Candy Kiss Fragrance $68.00 – $118.00

Prada’s Candy Kiss was blended by Daniela Andrier with creative direction by Miuccia Prada. The scent is described as feminine and seductive with notes of orange blossom, vanilla and white cotton. Bringing the ‘Candy’ line up to four fragrances, the perfume belongs in the musky oriental family.


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