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A new summer must-haves from Dior are hitting the stores! Before heading out to the beach, going on long drives, or hopping on that plane, why not take with you these summer essentials? The Dio(r)evolution Slippers and D-Bee Sneakers are here to change your daily summer edits.

Released for Dior Summer 2017 Collection, these New Dior D-Bee sneakers with CD and bug print are perfect sole companions since they offer ease and comfort. Pair them over your denim skirt and shirt combo, or over your printed summer dress and you need not worry as you’ll look stylishly fabulous no matter what.

The Dio(r)evolution slippers on the other hand features an oversized DIOR logo. These luxurious slippers are perfect for days when you feel like strolling at the beach as they can easily be paired over your bikinis.

Do you think these newest fashion slippers and sneakers from Dior are a hit or a miss? Is the oversized DIOR logo a unique style statement or is it too much flaunting? Do let us know.

Dio(r)evolution Slippers
Prices: €650 euro, £580 GBP, ₩990,000 WON

Dior D-Bee Sneakers
Prices: €690 euro, £620 GBP, ₩1,100,000 WON


















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Pre-Fall 2016 Gucci: Of Loafers & Sneakers

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It’s safe to say that with Gucci’s Pre-Fall 2016 collection, there’s definitely something for everyone as far as the loafers and sneakers are concerned, with styles for both men and women. From the runway hits like the Princeton Leather Slipper (yes, that’s the furry ones) that’s making a comeback this season in new colours and designs to theHorsebit Loafer that will come in everything from leather to exotic croc and even ostrich, you’re spoilt for choice, each vintage-looking-but-somehow-newer-than-now shoe even more desirable than the last.


Ranging from SGD1340 and up (the Princetown Leather Slipper with the embroidered coral snake motif will retail for SGD1400), do check directly with your local Gucci SA on what’s available now and what will be available in Singapore soon.


Then there are these, simply known as the Ace sneakers that will be a runaway hit (pun intended) for Gucci as well. Take your classic white leather sneaker, give it the Italian luxury house’s iconic webbing and some intricate detailing, be it lips, or pineapples, hearts and even florals, and you’ve got a selection of sneakers that the girls won’t get enough of. And depending on which pair you like, prices will range fromSGD790 to SGD1180. In other words, the more detailed it is, the more expensive it gets.

And the only pair that’s ‘unisex’ is the one with the bee motif that’s also currently available in Gucci boutiques in Singapore. Priced SGD790 for the women’s andSGD830 for the men’s version, these are perfect for those couples who love to do the matchy-matchy when it comes to their wardrobe. Ok, maybe not.

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Spotlight On Buscemi Sneakers

The latest Sneaker brand on the block, which is taking the footwear world by storm, is Buscemi. But with heavy competition from the sea of designer sneaker brands sweeping across the world, is their room for another?

The Buscemi sneakers have a perfect structuring with simple yet standout colouring. The Buscemi name is emblazoned across the side of the shoe and tongue alongside the Made In Italy print. Hardware detailing with the signature tiny paddock complete with working key, similar to that of the Louis Vuitton Bag collection, make details like this rival the competition. All of their products are crafted in the same Italian factories as the very prestigious brands, sharing construction floor space with Chanel and Prada, among others.

The brand, which has been called the Hermes Birkin of the sneaker world, in part due to its high demand and scarcity, produces very few sneakers at a time, just enough to stoke demand, increasing the allure of owning something very few do. Each time stock is replenished, it’s a race to get hold of a pair of Buscemi before they are quickly snapped up by savvy customers. But this is no accident, the brand has chosen this business ideology to increase its exclusivity and so far it is working. Many celebrities are falling over themselves to get hold of the latest pair before anyone else.

You may know the name Buscemi, with Steve Buscemi lighting up the silver screen with his roles in Fargo, Reservoir Dogs and the TV series Boardwalk Empire. Well Jon Buscemi, the founder of the Buscemi sneaker brand is his cousin. He hasn’t entered into this company lightly, with years of experience behind him, not least of all having co-founded the successful brand Gourmet, before taking on his latest venture. For a more in depth look into the mind of Jon Buscemi, take a look at an interview with him at Forbes. In the meantime…

Check out our top Buscemi sneaker choices below!

Buscemi 100mm Padlock White Mid Top Sneakers

Buscemi 100mm Padlock Leather White Mid Top Sneakers

Buscemi 100mm Snakeskin High Top Sneakers

Buscemi 100mm Snakeskin High Top Sneakers


Buscemi 100mm Padlock Green High Top Sneakers

Buscemi 100mm Padlock Green Leather High Top


Buscemi 100mm Tri Colour High Top Sneakers

Buscemi 100mm Tri Colour High Top Sneakers


Buscemi 125mm Padlock Red High Top Sneakers

Buscemi 125mm Padlock Red Leather High Top Sneakers


Buscemi 100mm Snakeskin Black High Top Sneakers

Buscemi 100mm Leather And Snakeskin High Top Sneakers


Buscemi 90mm White High Top Sneakers

Buscemi 90mm High Top Sneakers

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This Fashion Sneaker Took a Hop, Skip, and a Jump in a Very Different Direction


Finds and Minna Parikka Bunny Leather High Top Sneaker

It may be early when you read this, and maybe you haven’t had your first cup of coffee yet, but I’m here to assure you that it’s not your lack of caffeine that’s making you seeing things. Yes, those are indeed bunny ears popping out of the top of these Minna Parikka High-Top Sneakers.

It’s no secret that in fashion, sneakers have gone beyond just gym attire; now sneakers are a statement all their own, and these bunny ear sneakers definitely have something to say. Whether you see them as playful or unconventional, without a doubt, you’ll either love them or hate them. I can certainly appreciate the innovative approach to make these sneakers stand out, but I know I can’t pull them off.

I can, however, see these sneakers on the likes of twenty-somethings walking around downtown, or even on the feet of Leandra Medine of Man Repeller. Right now (maybe because I’ve only had my one cup of coffee for today), she’s just about the only person I can think of who would wear these, and from her styling capabilities, she would probably give these sneakers a compelling argument.

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The Guide To Buy Luxury Brand High Top Sneakers For Fall 2014


Summer will passing soon, if you want to find some of kicks for the upcoming fall 2014. There are some of luxury designer high top sneakers available choose from for this fall including Louis Vuitton, Chanel and more. Those top designers kicks in their own different style, take a view and tell us which brand sneaker you like most?

Louis Vuitton

1 Louis-Vuitton-Sneakers 11 LV


1 Chanel-Sneakers 2

1 chanel



1 Balenciaga

Saint Laurent 1Saint-Laurent-Sneakers4

1 Saint Laurent

Givenchy 1Givenchy-Sneakers5

1 Givenchy

Prada 1Prada-Sneakers6


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We sell Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Mens Flat Printed Pony Low Top Sneakers Leopard

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With the hot summer on the way, there are added and added women accede affairs a brace of shoes which can be fit for cutting during the summer season. Then it is aswell the actuality that about humans achievement to cutting a brace of shoes that can accomplish themself both comforty and fashional feeling. cheap louboutin is advised with admirable architecture and fashional appearance that you can buy them from my boutique with a low amount and top quality.
Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Mens Flat Printed Pony Low Top Sneakers Leopard
If you abrasion such a shoes in the crowds, you will be the a lot of absorbing and altered being a part of people. There are ao abounding altered styles of Christian Louboutin Mens Sneakers hot auction in my website that you can appear to my online abundance to buy any one you like. Not alone accustomed people, but aswell including acclaimed cool stars aswell abrasion Louboutin red basal shoes presenting a lot of accessible accasions.

Cheap red basal Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Mens Flat Printed Pony Low Top Sneakers Leopard is the shoes fit for cutting during such a season. Please appear to my online store, we action you plenties of red sole cossack with fashional and admirable architecture that you can buy them as continued as you like with a low amount and top superior with our best account and reasonable amount for fast and chargeless shipping.

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