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I do not post much about Gucci while I’ve admit that they have a very big assortment of nice bags. For example, the Gucci Lady Lock is both feminine and damn gorgeous, a first-class bag from the iconic Bamboo Collection. If you’ve got some time, go read that post as the bag is still available in store.

But we needed to show you the newest Gucci Swing Tote because it’s the expanded wing that we crave for. You know, we have the Celine Luggage, the Fendi 3jours and the Prada Dettagli Tote – all of them became instantly hot, from the first day they hit the store. Perhaps it’s the craftsmanship, maybe it’s the brand’s recognition, but then we have take into account that they all have expandable wings for the style and more room.

The Gucci Swing Tote is a fair trade; impeccable quality for an affordable price. The design is fairly simple, no screaming for attention, no unnecessary prints, just the bag and you. It has that classic appearance that not only will match effortless to your wardrobe, but it also has that timeless appeal. The bag comes in two sizes; the small and medium, here are the prices:

Available at Gucci e-store.

Gucci Swing Tote Small:
Price: $950 USD / €750 euro
Size: 10.6’ x 9.5’ x 6.3’ (W x H x D)

Gucci Swing Tote Medium: 
Price: $1,100 USD / €850 euro
Size: 13.4’ x 12’ x 7’ (W x H x D)




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