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FullSizeRender 124If you’re looking into a new bag or just need a full blown education, enjoy PurseBop’s Chanel  Bag Reference Guide!
The  Bag was first introduced in Chanel’s Fall/Winter Ready-To-Wear collection. Since then, the has joined the ranks of the “icon” family with the classic flap and re-issue, and is bound to become a true classic itself (if you don’t already consider it one!) The bag was inspired by cartridge bags, which are used for hunting. The Bag instantly caught attention of the fashion world and still holds its place now because its aesthetic truly bought a revolutionary turn to Chanel’s collection. Even though Chanel is known for innovative and quirky bags in general, compared to the more everyday bags, the bag asserts itself as bold and edgy. The chain is wider and has darker, more antiqued looking hardware compared to the jewelry-like nature of the Chanel Classic flap. The bag itself has straight, clean lines showing Chanel’s intent of conveying the bag’s modern freshness and sporty vibe.
Chanel used underwear to make dresses; she has this boyish attitude, in fact it is the very spirit of Chanel. She got it from Capel, the great love of her life, which, incidentally, explains why the new bag is called the Chanel.
When you think “Chanel classic flap”, you probably envision a black quilted bag with gold hardware. However, the Chanel classic flap family is quite extensive and diverse. The flap comes in 7 different sizes with 3 of them specifically designated as “mini”. Each season, Chanel produces the classic flap in new materials and colors, which totally expands the possibilities and aesthetic of this seemingly traditional bag.
In comparison, the Bag is more structured and boxy with straight lines and angular corners. The Bag’s streamlined look makes it a more modernized version of Chanel’s classic flap. The silhouette is the perfect blend of boldness and chic timelessness.
The Bag’s large front flap almost serves as a canvas of its own allowing for many different designs, styles, and materials each season. The different ways you can style the Boy bag are endless. Chanel lover’s gravitate towards this bag because of its functionality and versatility. It can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody. Whether you’re going for casual chic or in need of formal flair, the bag is the perfect choice.
Let’s switch gears for a second. PurseBop’s been thoroughly raving about her Hermes fixations. We’ve discussed 8 reasons why #PurseBopsGoneKellyCrazy and 8 reasons why the Birkin is the Ultimate Holy Grail bag. However, PurseBop also has quite a bit of Chanel appreciation to spread too. Although a handbag aficionado never truly needs a reason to love a bag, let’s discuss a few reasons why we’ll forever be enamored with the Chanel classic flap.

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Autumn can be used with all of eight pairs of classic American shoes

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Trends repeatedly, but some single product able timeless. Listed today for your classic beauty of this eight pairs of shoes, from sneakers to fur slippers and then to conquer the many goddesses perfect wedding shoes, shoes with high practical value high degree of color to create the perfect autumn clothing goods.


Fashion Week in the season, we still visible traces of white sneakers Stan Smiths, but far less exposure and one pair of two-tone heels, it is from the Chanel’s Sling Back. Sling Back in 1957 the first two-tone shoes come out, 60 years after Karl Lagerfeld in 2015 Winter Fashion series, re-interpretation of this prestigious double-color shoes. Sling Back still embodies Gabrielle Chanel’s “from morning till night, hand in hand,” work can wear to work or attend a cocktail party.



Comfort increasingly important in fashion circles, T stage of the model began to take off the high heels, slippers become the new darling of the moment. After the designer designed the original home only dressed leather slippers have become surprisingly big on taste. Launched in 2015, Gucci leather sandals bright spots, the classic horseshoe buckle and luxurious fur join, more fashionable than high heels. This shoe has become the new darling of many celebrity circle.



When it comes to red-soled shoes, almost every girl is full of longing. Whether fine fashion shoe or star red carpet beauties, we can see its shadow. In many shoes in CL, born in 2004, is regarded as the most popular classic Pigalle. Pigalle is Paris’s famous red light district, a variety of nightclubs and bars every night carousing. In Pigalle is also the name of this metaphor sexy and dangerous high heels.



Rage, “Sex and the City” so that people remember the four women and a fashion footwear brand –Manolo Blahnik (some say it was the protagonist of the play’s fifth place), Mr. Big Blue took this pair Hangisi Pumps to Carrie’s plot is even more impressive. Manolo Blahnik high heels has been hailed as the aristocratic, elegant and chic design, soft lines with satin uppers and a variety of crystal stones inlaid feather …… always make every woman eyebrows.



Rivet is a passionate lover can wake up the world of Valentino vocabulary. Who would have thought then this little thing can cause such a stir? ! Added powerful rivet strap shoes in a romantic element, the two distinct things have been put together organically, strong contrast makes a successful Rockstud series of this classic brand to inject fresh blood again.



People demand more and more shoes; in addition to appearance than to look good, comfortable shoes foot feeling itself and also wear off convenience key considerations, Celine’s Slip On Sneaker undoubtedly meet the various requirements of the most beautiful exist. The design eliminates the need for a pedal socks have trouble every time out, simple shapes easy to mix, lazy shoe’s name must go to him.



Casual doubled Instagram, Pinterest, we can find a variety of strap shoes figure. Whether it is high-heeled shoes or boots, with a bandage element, everything becomes graceful up. Your heart can not help thinking, so difficult to wear shoes and other mortals how I manage? Bloggers Evangelie Smyrniotaki is demonstrated by the strength of a pair of strap high heels can make you aura all together, spike passers-by.



Usually that much and ankle boots, we seem to have forgotten such a classic neutral Martin boots presence. Today, it is a classic look and followed the trend of design, once again become the fashion street as well as many fashion lovers essential goods. Martin boots prototype appeared in 1940, and in 1960 produced the world’s first 8 holes Martin boots, a pair of true sense, then it is called 1460, at the sole neat yellow trace is the most prominent landmark.

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Covet That Classic: Lady Dior



Do you find yourself unable to walk pass the windows of Dior without a double take at the exquisite bags in the store front? You’re not alone!

Rare is the beautiful Lady Dior bag in iconic Dior “Cannage” stitching, especially in exotic crocodile or python leather. I’ve always wanted to own this perfect top-handle tote in medium size, though I’m often spoilt for choice between the five available sizes, from micros to large shopper totes.


The Lady Dior, created in 1994, met instant success. It embodies a strong identity and elegance, carried by hand or worn over the shoulder. This perfect tote also comes in popular smooth lambskin and shiny patent leather. I lean towards the nude lambskin beauty though I’m split between gold or silver hardware.


This classic bag was named after Princess Diana, though it wasn’t always Diana’s bag. Originally named Chouchou–meaning favourite, the transformation happened when Diana, Princess of Wales, was photographed with the handbags several times over. Dior soon baptised Lady Dior as a tribute to her. As I would, for this lady of great philanthropic works and unrivalled elegance.

Although the design appears simple, true quality never can be. Over a minimum of eight hours and several craftsmen in a workshop in Italy are involved in the making of each bag. 130 pieces of sanded, dyed leather hand-stitched and manually cut, to form the structure of the bag is protected at the base with 43 pieces of metal fused together. So when you’re purchasing a Lady Dior, you’re investing in a lovingly made quality piece.


But what gives the Lady Dior its couture style? It’s a combination of its cannage stitching on quilted leather, the feminine and elegant arched handle, and not to forget, the lovely jewellery charms–four letters spelling D-I-O-R–that sway and jingle delicately with every step. Way to make an elegant entrance!

Beyond the patent and lambskin leather variations, many of the Lady Diors feature intricately rendered floral close-ups, as well as exquisite tweed exteriors and exotic leathers. To add a piece of each to my collection is my dream museum!

Indeed, Lady Dior has become one of the most iconic accessories and bears the mark of the House of Dior’s inimitable style. Own this classic bag emblematic of Dior and pair it with feminine flair and confidence, like I did, today!
Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 7.07.49 pm

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Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag in Brown
Size: 24cm x 38cm x 14cm (H x W x D)
Price: $2,155 USD or €1,445

A classic is on the loose, ladies! Presenting, the Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag, a beautiful shoulder piece that’s bound to become your everyday pal. Out shopping? This is gonna cover for you. An office lady in need of a spacious (yet stylish) on-the-go piece? You got it. We don’t know how Balenciaga does it, though.

This ‘City’ style bag has an embossed black patent leather exterior that shines just as bright as you, bringing out your best. It is also adorned with classic tonal studs, adding up to its shine. It has a detachable shoulder strap, making it the perfect companion (imagine all the possibilities with this piece!). It has a two-way zipped top, which secures all of your personal effects. It even has a zipped front pocket, an internal zipped pocket, slot pockets and a framed handheld mirror that’s perfect for instant touch-ups. What’s not to love about this piece? Exactly.

You can get your very own Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag via MyTheresa.





Balenciaga Classic City Embossed Patent Leather Bag in Black
Size: 24cm x 38cm x 14cm (H x W x D)
Price: $2,155 USD or €1,445


Balenciaga Classic Mini City Embossed Patent Leather Bag in Black
Size: 16cm x 24cm x 9cm (H x W x D)
Price: $1,485 USD or €995

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Trust me, you can never get enough of the quilt – whether it’s the wallet on chain, or the mini classic flap bag, Chanel makes you loco over their new co-co’s. With new colors that are sure to make any drab outfit spectacular, Chanel pushes its design limits to bring a pop of sunshine yellow (or a dash of blue) into your life. With pretty hues such as Chevron, or a bashful Pink, these bags are so ready to keep you company.

The wallet on chain is one of the most versatile pieces you can ever own – and possibly, one of the most indispensable, since it gives you so much to work with. Wear it with the chain and make it your own. Girls’ night out in a few hours? No problem – keep it covert and hide the chains inside to wear it as a handheld clutch. It makes day-to-night outfit transitions much easier.

On the other hand, the mini classic flap bag is an older sister of the former – equally endearing and revolutionary, this pretty little show stopper is about to give any outfit some va-va-voom in the glam department. The said design is making waves again as it celebrates its 60th anniversary – timeless and elegant, the bag is becoming even more popular and celebrated than in the past decades.

This season, get your hands on a couple (or even more, for extra measure) and make a statement! Let these bold, bright colors lead the way.


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Here’s the reason why you should ‘always’ visit the Chanel boutique when you’re shopping: ‘You will almost always find something new in stock that has not been presented on the website’.

And that’s like opening a box full of surprises, but the only difference is that you will be surprised.

Here, for example… is another new handbag from the latest Collection. It’s bright and shiny, almost eye-blinding but stunning. There are two sizes available and it’s almost like the Classic Flap Bag, isn’t it?

These two handbags are in small sizes, comparable to the Wallet On Chain handbags. Image carrying these babies on your shoulder, nice huh?

The small red mini bag comes with a short front flap and it features a tiny CC logo signature on the front – cute and striking.

What’s more?

Besides its shiny patent leather, you can carry it on your shoulder as it comes with a long woven chain links. This bag is perfect for the evenings or when you’ve a feeling that you want to carry mini bags instead of large oversized bags or tote bags.

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