How to Spot a Fake Balenciaga Handbag


I am sure that you adore Balenciaga bags and that you would love to include one to your collection, but the tircky thing when it comes to buy one is to distinguish the really bad Balenciaga fake purses from the real thing. This guide will help you understand the main differences and it will ensure the satisfaction of your purchase.

Balenciaga bags

Look closer at the Zippers.

I know that you very often ignore this very small part of a handbag, but believe me it is one of the most important details of a purse. It can make the difference between an authentic product and aBalenciaga replica bag. The original company uses only zippers manufactured by Lampo. Fake handbags most often have the zippers marked with the word LAMPO instead of Lamp written in a slanted or italic font. This is a clear sign that the purse is fake. Plus, the “L” letter from “Lampo” needs to be extended under the other letter until the end of the word. The trademark symbol must also be present next to the word “Lampo”.

Examine the Leather.

The quality of the leather is the most obvious part of a bag, the part that clearly shows you if the product is genuine of it is just another poor quality Balenciaga replica bag. The original purses are made from goatskin or lambskin leather. This type of material is very soft, smooth and light. And the fascination of the Balenciaga goes on- it shines, but not too much. It is durable, but delicate. It is distressed, but not exaggeratedly cracked out. Also, the tassels are made from the same type of leather as the rest of the bag.

The problem with Balenciaga replica bags is that these use leather that is overly shiny and too cracked out. The overall effect is a very unaesthetic one and anyone could tell this poor fake bag apart from the genuine Balenciaga.

Pay attention at the Straps.

The straps are another very important detail of a Balenciaga bag to which I think we don’t pay enough attention at. An authentic purse will never have the end of the straps folded over. Only a poor quality Balenciaga replica bag could have this type of handles. Plus, usually, fake Balenciaga bags tend to have a more squared off bale.

And don’t forget the Handles.

Dear fashionistas, do not forget to check out the handles. No real Balenciaga bag has handles with a coated or finished appearance. A good quality Balenciaga replica bag must have handles braided or weaved with leather. This is called “sueded leather”, and has a very rough and unfinished look. It is more similar to shoelaces or rope. Most times, fake manufacturer fail at correctly cloning this small detail.

No one wants to buy a tacky replica bag that is outrageously obvious. In order to avoid the unfortunate situation of wearing a fake Balenciaga bag that everyone can spot as a replica, pay attention to all the above guideline before buying a knockoff. These advices will surely help you choose a Balenciaga replica purse that looks authentic, elegant and chic.

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How to Spot A Fake Designer Bag


You have been diligently watching all the fashion shows. You have seen all the new designer bags that are actually real and you covet them. You have also been watching the street fashion trends and noticed that perhaps some of the bags may not be the actual designer’s but a knock-off, albeit a great one that costs a lot. I have one like that, a pretty little Prada purse that cost me upwards of $200, but wherein the real version may have set me back around $1000. Sometimes we want the brand name and even the quality, but cannot afford to pay such steep prices and opt for the perfect fakes. However, sometimes those perfect fakes are sold to us in the guise of a true designer handbag and we are left feeling duped the moment we realize what has gone wrong. We cannot tell if they are real or fake most of the time when the duplicity is perfectly executed. Furthermore, the consignment stores where you find the treasures for a fraction of their prices are often also full of the knock-offs, made to offset the store’s own costs. Linda Lightman, CEO of Linda’s Stuff, has a rather well-researched list of ways to spot a fake and authenticate the real designer handbags.

How to Spot A Fake Designer Bag

Prada Bags

So, what exactly should you be looking for when you are buying Prada handbags?

1. Is the plaque firmly attached and the stitching all around evenly done? If not, you may have a fake.

2. Are the zippers embossed on the back side? They should include “YKK” or “RiRi” or “Lampo” or “Opti” or “Ipi”.

3. Does the “R” have a curved leg? If not, it is a fake.

4. Did you notice that the internal plaque matches the interior fabric of the bag, or perhaps the leather patch has four rivets? That is something important.

5. Can you find the company logo on every piece of hardware included? If not, it is not a very good fake either.

6. Did you find a white tag with numbers in an interior pocket? That should be there if it is the real deal.

Balenciaga Bags

What should you be looking for when you are buying Balenciaga handbags?

1. Is the interior label either embossed leather or engraved metal, with the style number on the front or back side of the flap?

2. You will also find the tail end stating Paris on the stamped logo of the flap. Does it have a period or underscore in between? If not, you may be looking at a fake.

3. Do the rivets at the back of the handles have notches? That should generally be the case, while the hardware should be nice and secure.

4. Is there a “Lampo” stamp at the back of the zipper? There should be and the zipper should also be soldered closed, a trick of the trade that the Balenciaga house utilizes.

Chanel Bags

What should we be looking for when buying Chanel handbags?

1. Are there brand markings on the turn locks? If you cannot find them, it signifies a knock-off, and a bad one at that for missing such an obvious sign.

2. Can you tell the age of the bag with the type of zipper it has? It should be consistent; as it appears, each year the zippers have a different look.

3. Does the quilting appear to be perfect, with pocket stitches matching seamlessly with the body? If not, you’ve been duped. Chanel loves its quilting and would never do a sloppy job there.

4. Is there a foil interior label that matches the hardware color? It should always be there and be centered with even spacing, as the fakes will be missing this aspect of the bag altogether if they are badly done, or will not often be matching if they are good.

5. Can you find the hologram that is located inside every single Chanel bag? It is an awesome way to make sure that your Chanel bag is truly authentic. A knock-off might follow all the other codes but fail in this space.

How to Spot A Fake Designer Bag

Louis Vuitton Bags

What to look for when buying Louis Vuitton handbags:

1. Can you find the date codes around the bag? There may be a problem is you cannot.

2. Is the company logo on every part of the hardware the bag comes with? This ensures that no part of the bag has been interchanged.

3. Have you noticed anything unsymmetrical about the monogram? If so, it is not a real one for the designer loves symmetry and we love those perfectly done up lines.

4. Do you have time to count the stitching? You should have the same number appearing in similar locations of the bag, while it should all be very even and symmetrical.

5. Does your bag show signs of aging? That means it is real leather and not the synthetic used by knock-offs to prevent that from happening around the handles.

Gucci Bags

This is what you should look for when buying Gucci bags:

1. Is there a “Made in Italy” statement printed underneath the Gucci label? Is it cleanly done? Chances are that the piece will not be from anywhere else, so this is a good way to prove its authenticity.

2. Have you noticed prints on the leather? The Guccissima leather should only be embossed on, so you might have a fake in your hands. Also make sure that the stitching is perfect and the leather trim shows quality.

3. Does the “G” on the logo canvas appear to be uneven? It should never be so, instead offering clean curves and lines to ensure it is real.

4. Does the “2” in the top number identifying the number of the bag have curly cues on top? Is it 6 digits long? If not, ask for a refund soon enough, before your time to do so expires.

5. Can you find the company logo somewhere on every piece of hardware? While it may appear annoying, this is one of the best ways to ensure that every part of that bag is truly authentic.

Hermes Bags

How to know if your Hermes bag is authentic:

1. Have they used only fine leather, stated on the bag itself? Fake version will use coarser materials and that is something you can feel automatically when you touch for proof.

2. Is the hardware gold plated? It can also be palladium, but chances are they won’t use anything else on the real.

3. Is there a problem with the spindle closure? The real pieces are smooth and won’t cause a hassle.

4. Does it appear as if the nails have been done by hand and can you find the logo on every piece of hardware? When it comes to nailing things down, Hermes does it by hand and not machine. You should be able to tell the difference rather quickly.

5. Does the metallic foil the logo stamp is printed on match the hardware coloring? This is a major indicator in of itself as that metal foil might not exist at all, or it would be an entirely different coloring.

6. Can you find the blind stamp that should be at the back of the belting? Fakes often miss on this huge little detail.

Coach Bags

What to look for to make sure your Coach bag is real:

1. Are the C letters of the logo evenly lined an all sides? If there is even a bit of crookedness, you are looking at a fake. The logo should also appear on every piece of hardware.

2. Where is the bag made? Usually it should state that it is in Italy, but you may also find China or another country, so this may not be the best indicator to look at.

3. Is there a serial number embossed on the inside, on a square patch of leather that has been sewn into the lining? There should be a number or number & leather combination, wherein the last four or five digits indicate the style number. You can easily check through that online.

4. Does it appear as if there is a break in transition when there is a pocket involved? If so, you might want to get that checked again. The stitching should also be very even throughout the piece.

Marc Jacobs Bags

You may also want to buy a Marc Jacobs handbag. If you do, ask these questions while checking to make sure it is real:

1. Is there a “RiRi” or “Lampo” embossed on the backside of the zipper? Can you find the Marc Jacobs logo on there as well? These are very important and no piece is without them.

2. Is the metal nameplate directly attached to the bag? When they are fake, a piece of leather is used underneath to make sure it sticks properly.

3. Does it say “Made in Italy” anywhere on the place or within the inner pocket? Chances are that the pieces are not made anywhere else so this is a very good indicator of real versus fake bags.

4. Do all the outer pockets have a suede lining? This is a favourite by Marc Jacobs so it makes for a very good indicator as well.

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How To Spot Good Replica Louis Vuitton Handbags Out And About

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There are all kinds of Louis Vuitton handbags out there. Some are the real deal, some are crappy fakes, and some are pitch perfect replicas. If you want to look great, you’ve got to know the difference between a good and a bad fake.

Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

Replica Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

The first step to know on how to spot good replica Louis Vuitton handbags is knowing what you’re looking for. I hope this guide will help you make the right decisions and buy wonderful Louis Vuitton bag. Here is what you need to know:

Like I said, the first thing to do is:

•Picking a style that you like to check out
•Finding that style on the Louis Vuitton site and checking out the specs
•Knowing the features that are particular to that bag
•Looking at some high resolution shots both on the site and of celebrities wearing the bag you want (this will give you a sense as to how these bags look when worn)

But, beyond looking at the specs and pics that the official Louis Vuitton site provides you with, you’ve got to know a little about Louis Vuitton bags in general. Louis Vuitton is the most popular maker of luxury handbags in the world and with good reason – their bags are marvels of fashion and design. The canvas, leather, hardware, and special features of a Louis Vuitton bag are unique and particular. You simply need to know a thing or two about LV so that you can avoid getting duped by inaccurate fake Louis Vuitton bags.

Knowing the Features Particular to Louis Vuitton Handbags

Louis Vuitton Canvas

Some people mistakenly believe that Louis Vuitton is all about leather. Maybe this is because leather is supposedly a fancier material. But, the fact is, Louis Vuitton made its name with amazing canvas prints. Starting with the Damier canvas in 1888, Louis Vuitton has continued to unveil gorgeous canvas print handbags including the ubiquitous classic Monogram and its many variations.

Real Louis Vuitton canvas is sturdy, waterproof, and scratch resistant. The material was created for luggage, so it is built to last. Good replica Louis Vuitton canvas will be heavy, but not stiff. Make sure to check that the monogram logo is properly replicated. Look closely at the photos that the replica site provides – do they match up the photos of the original bag?

Make sure that the canvas has the proper thickness (not flimsy, not too stiff), that the color matches that of the original, that all patters match up and that all the markings are not only correct but are accurately rendered.

Leather Trim

So, Louis Vuitton may have made their mark in canvas, but they are no slouch when it comes to leather. Louis Vuitton handbags usually feature high quality leather trim. Excellent quality leather (the kind found in real LV bags) will grow richer, darker, and suppler with time. You can tell real Louis Vuitton bags because the leather becomes honeyed with time.

When checking the leather trim on fake Louis Vuitton bags, make sure to look at:
• The coloring (real bags have a beige color at first that slowly becomes like honey)
• The seams (should be made with strong yellow thread)

Louis Vuitton Yellow Thread

Louis Vuitton Yellow Thread


Louis Vuitton handbags feature gold toned brass hardware; not silver. A good replica will feature this same material, and a bad one will often have cheap, light hardware. It’s important that you make sure the hardware of your replica handbag is heavy – otherwise it may fall apart (or fall off!) with every day wear.
• Make sure that the material is up to standards and is heavy
• Make sure the color matches that of the original
• Check for engravings and make sure they are identical to the original

Special Features

Each Louis Vuitton handbag has its own special features. This is one of the areas where many fake bags are lacking – they can get a decent canvas and put it together fine, but they haven’t paid attention to important details that are unique to individual bags. It’s up to you to know what is particular about your bag of choice and make sure that your replica matches.

Louis Vuitton Monogram Kalahari Beaded Tassels

Louis Vuitton Monogram Kalahari Beaded Tassels

Things to look for include:

• Exterior and interior pockets
• Handles and adjustable straps
• Clasps and closures (and whether they have engravings)
• Engravings and logos (on hardware and plaques)
• Extra pockets
• Draw strings, tassels, etc.

Remember not only to check for what is missing on fake Louis Vuitton bags, but also whether there is something on your bag that shouldn’t be there. If you thoroughly check all bags before buying and read this guide on how to spot good replica Louis Vuitton handbags, you’re on the right path. This is the only way you will be sure to get the bag you want and that you’ll get something that looks and feels as it should. One of my favorite sites is so you can check if out if you’re looking for a great bag.

There are a lot of replica advice and guides here on the blog. Make sure you read them to find out where to get the best fake Louis Vuitton bags.

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How To Spot A Fake Chanel 2.55 Bag From Scammers?



It really baffles me that fake Chanel handbags are sold everywhere online. It’s so easy to search for fake Chanel bags and have them pop up on eBay. Most of them look exactly like the authentic Chanel bags. However, don’t be tricked. The only place you can buy an authentic, brand new Chanel bag with a %100 guarantee is from a Chanel boutique.

Scammers have tried their hardest to replicate the authentic Chanel bags, but they will never come close to real thing. The production process of a Chanel bag is extremely costly, so it’s less likely for scammers to do it right. This is the reason why scam artists don’t put much effort into the designing the bags just like the real ones. All they are after is a quick buck, and making the bag cheaper contributes to that, if the bags actually sell.

Is It Worth It to Pay $200 For a Fake Chanel Bag Online?
Really, is it? Are there any downsides? Well, you could end up paying $200 for a fake bag. Or, you could consider purchasing a secondhand Chanel handbag. The problem with that route is that there is a possibility that you could still purchase a fake. If you do purchase happen to purchase one, and the Chanel boutique cannot identify it then it is, indeed, a fake bag. That would be the worst feeling knowing you paid thousands of dollars on a Chanel bag that is not authentic.

So, I guess, purchasing Chanel on the internet is not the way to go. If you’re already set on spending thousands of dollars on a handbag why not save a few more thousands for the guarantee of purchasing a fresh, brand new Chanel 2.55 reissue bag. But if you really insist on purchasing a Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bag online here a few tips to consider.

Is Your Chanel 2.55 Reissue Bag Real? 
One thing to consider is that fake Chanel bags can never be a complete replica of the real bags. Why? Because Chanel’s creation and production process is one of a kind, and it’s extremely costly. When buying online, NEVER rely on the pictures.

1) If the price is pretty low on the bag, then it’s most likely too good to be true. The Chanel 2.55 Reissue is a pretty expensive bag. My two year old bag, that I paid $2,500 for, can easily be sold to a consignment store for about $3,000? So, why would anyone in their right mind sell their authentic Chanel 2.55 for $500 on eBay?

2) Before making the transaction, ask for the card of authenticity. This is only a little extra reassurance that you’re walking into a legit purchase. If the seller cannot produce the card then the bag is most likely fake. However, still be vigilant if the card is produced. There are some crafty scammers out there who also make replicas of the authenticity cards. Usually the fake cards have a gold trimming around the edges, so be on the lookout.

3) Ask the seller for the serial number. One the scammers haven’t figured out is how the Chanel serial numbers work. If the seller refuses to provide you with the serial number then the bag is most likely fake. If the seller does provide you with the serial number double check it with the list below.

The serial numbers indicate when a Chanel 2.55 Reissue is being created. Here’s how to test the seller.

Try to match the serial number with the year of the initial purchase that the seller provides you with. If they tell you that the bag was bought this year, but provide you with a 5XXXXXX digit number then he/she is lying. The only Chanel bags with that type of digit were produced from 1997 to 1999.


Final, Most Important Tip
This tip is for all of those who actually go through with purchasing a Chanel bag online. If you have purchased a fake bag, get your money refunded. I know this may seem impossible, but it’s not. If you bought your bag with a credit card, then everything should be just fine.

Credit card companies take fraud very seriously. If you called and told them about your situation it would be easy for you to file for a refund. I actually know from personal experience. There have been a few times where I purchased fake bags online, and within a few days I received the refund.

Credit cards are the best way to purchase online because the companies investigate the matter immediately. Paypal is an okay choice, but they aren’t too vigilant like credit card companies. So always be mindful to use your credit card when purchasing, but that doesn’t mean walk blindly into an online purchase.

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Greenwich Gucci Handbags Are a Supple Leather Dream


It’s my second post of the week, and I get the sneaking suspicion already that this is going to be a Gucci handbags week. Today we have a Gucci Greenwich bag with stirrup in lovely lambskin. The first thing I love about this bag is how soft it is. Goodness, lambskin leather is absolutely divine and it is clear that PV spared no expense sourced top-quality materials on this one. The second thing I love about this bag is how simple it is – it’s luxurious, supple, and elegant without the need for excessive adornments. In other words, it’s a perfect go-to, regular rotation day-bag.

Replica Gucci Greenwich Handbag

The third thing that I really love about this bag is how it matches the original to a tee. I guess I should expect that though, coming from true experts in replica handbags. And, this bag is only going to get better with age as this leather gets better with time and use (it will gain a warm, matte look). There’ll be no mistaking these Gucci handbags fake – just mistaking them for authentic bags! Check them out right here.

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