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Women’s wallets have remained must-have accessories by women of all cadres for several reasons since their inception many years ago. Even if compact, for instance, most models are durable and have spacious interiors that offer sufficient storage space for money and personals such as business cards, credit cards, IDs, and even driving licenses. Because of their portability, they are also fun to carry around and as such, eliminate the need large handbags when going to a meeting and or social events such as parties and weddings. This does not mean that all brands are the same. If you travel with a lot of valuable often and want the best of the best in this niche, the material used to manufacture your wallet of choice should be durable, aesthetic, and have a well- built body and a seal for safety. Storage space should also be sufficient and its construction sturdy with a tight-sealing buckle or magnetic latch system for added safety. The following are 10 best wallets for women:

10. KLOUD City

KLOUD City blue

It is fashionable and lightweight. Manufactured using a light blue synthetic leather with a stylish stone pattern and a compact and well-gripping design that blends well in office and social environments, KLOUD City is a stylish wallet for women with a sturdy double-layered design that lasts long. Its outer surface is soft and fits comfortably in the hand while the sturdy canvas liner that it comes with not only reinforces its body but also protects personals such as credit and ID cards from scratches and damage. The four large slot pockets are precise and perfect for transporting ID and business cards. You also get a large fully zippered slot that you can use to store money, 12 credit card slots for debit and credit cards, and a snap button closure for added safety.

9. KLOUD City (Hot Pink)

KLOUD City (Hot Pink)

A sought-after product by both teens and mature women, this hot pink KLOUD City wallet is a stylish and functional accessory with an exclusive synthetic leather body that most users consider invaluable. The material is light, has a fashionable drawstring style that also optimizes safety at the same time, and has a stable canvas liner that improves its stability and functionality significantly. If storage space is a concern, this wallet will benefit you immensely. The 18 credit card slots that it comes with, for instance, are true to size. It also has seven large slot pockets that you can use to store ID and driving licenses, has a large zippered pocket for storing cash and other valuables, and an innovative dual strap button system for expanding its width when needed. KLOUD City (Hot Pink) measures 7.7-inches by 4.1-inches, has straight and well-stitched edges and hems, and has a consistent and rich color that boosts its value.

8. Elife (Stone Pattern)

Elife (Stone Pattern)

This stone-patterned women’s wallet by Elife is a top-grade purse wallet with a light and portable design that you can carry solely or in a handbag. It is affordable, made of a durable synthetic leather, and has a stylish charcoal black body with a hot pink interior that most women find eye-catching. Instead of purchasing one of the poorly designed models that tear and or rip after weeks of everyday use, purchase this wallet to get a well-finished double-layered accessory with tons of storage space. If you have many bank cards, for instance, the 12 credit card slots offered are more than enough. It also has lined slot pockets (four), a zippered pocket for cash, and a sturdy snap button closure system that seals it well to keep your cards, cash, and all components safe.

7. Marshal

Marshal  black


Purchase Marshal  to get a durable genuine leather wallet for women with many innovative features. Its high-quality construction, for instance, is stylish, tear and rip-resistant, and has well-finished seams that not only improve its stability but also safety significantly. The zip around closure system offered secures, cash, cards, and all belongings well. Its compact design is light and easy to carry around while the plethora of credit card slots (nine) that it comes with ease organization of credit and debit cards on-route to work and or school. You also get a dedicated ID window, an inbuilt currency pocket that you can use to transport cash worry-free, and a large gusset pocket. Pricing is decent and its low maintenance design ideal for everyday commuting.

6. RFID Blocking Wallet

RFID Blocking Wallet


Combining style, generous storage, and optimal safety in a simple and affordable package, this RFID blocking wallet is a well-designed bifold clutch for women that you will enjoy carrying to work or school. It is sturdy, made of an exclusive genuine leather that does not tear not dull over time, and has well-finished straight seams that add charm to its already gorgeous design. This 7.28-inch by 3.54-inch by 0.39-inch has one side pocket and 12 credit card slots for storing personals. It is also has a slim and portable design, an effective RFID lock that protects personal and bank data , a big currency pocket for transporting money, and a 60-day money back guarantee.

5. Trademark Home 82-4986

Trademark Home 82-4986 credit card wallet


Attainable as a durable one-sized accessory that works well for women of all cadres, Trademark Home 82-4986 is a durable credit card wallet case for women with a durable aluminum body that does not dent nor lose its shape over time. If you use public transport often, its RFID blocking feature will protect you from identity theft and the financial frauds that have grown in popularity globally. The plethora of credit card slots offered enables you to transport up to 10 cards at a go while its click button design is not only tight sealing but also eases access to valuable as and when needed. You also get expandable PVC pockets for storing identity cards and cash and a light (28 ounce) 4.25 x 2.75 x 7.5-inch design that you will enjoy carrying to work or school.

4. Yahoho YALUXE

Yahoho YALUXE capacity women’s wallet


Recommended for the working class and women who carry many belongings to work or school,Yahoho YALUXE is a large capacity women’s wallet that is surprisingly lighter and easier to carry around that some comparable models. The genuine leather used to manufacture it luxurious. Its zippered closures are durable and tight sealing for optimal safety while its decent pricing appeals to people with a tight budget. In terms of storage space, this wallet far outmatches its competition. With an original model, for instance, you get 21 true-to-size card slots that fit both credit and debit cards. You also get four full-length compartments, shiny gold colored hardware that boosts its aesthetic value, and detailed contrast stitching that improve its value further. Whether you are going to a meeting and or traveling to a holiday destination, this multi-story wallet never disappoints.

3. Borgasets Women

Borgasets Women card case purse


Borgasets is an innovative card case purse for women made of an exclusive 100% genuine leather that lasts long. Zippered for safety, this wallet is perfect for daily commuting. It is also light, has an advanced RFID lock technology that prevents unauthorized scans of valuable information on RFID chips, and has a spacious 7.4-inch by 3.6-inch by 0.91-inch design with 18 card slots for debit and credit cards and two zippered pockets for cash and smartphones. Even with its plethora of innovative features, Borgasets Women’s purse wallet is affordable, very easy to maintain, and thus, perfect for daily use.

2. MUNDI Big Fat

MUNDI Big Fat wallet


Popular in top 10 best wallets for women in 2016 reviews, MUNDI Big Fat is a large flap walletwith a durable and spacious design that will satisfy your needs. The eight credit card slots that it comes with, for instance, are accurate and fit several types and sizes of credit and debit cards. The five ID and photo windows offered have clear screens for better visibility while its integrated pen loop and three slip pockets offered boost its functionality further. MUNDI Big Fat is affordable, measures 7.75-inches by 4.75-inches by 1.75-inches, and comes with a free solar-powered calculator that works excellently.

1. Buxton Women

Buxton Women functional wallets

A popular brand globally, Buxton is home to functional wallets for women with this wizard wallet topping our list of the best. Manufactured using a top-grade faux leather, it is stylish, soft, and has a spacious and card safe design that is perfect for daily commuting. Its built-in accordion folds, for instance, accommodate up to 10 credit and debit cards. Its integrated ID windows and two zippered compartments work well while its advanced RFID wallet technology prevents thieves from scanning your wallet and stealing personal information. You also get a sturdy zipper closure (main) for added safety and purple, pewter, and black themes to choose.

With one of the 10 wallets for women reviewed on this list, transporting credit and debit cards and cash is no longer a chore. They are durable, have spacious and well-organized interior, and are attainable cheap on the Web.